21 March 2011

1900 Boston MA Marriage - De Cristofaro to Gibson

 1900 Boston MA Marriage Index Volume: 503 Page: 214 Entry: 3846

Date of Marriage: 11 September 1900
Clergyman: L.J. Knappe, 24 Clark Street, Boston

Groom: Manuel Christoforo (Emanuele de Cristofaro)**
Age: 34, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Stone Cutter
Residence: 3 Revere Place
Parents: Carmen Christoforo and Donata Ardolina

Bride: Margaret Knox, nee Gibson
Age: 35, born in Boston
Marital: 2nd, widowed
Occupation: Cook
Residence: 3 Revere Place
Parents: Isaac Gibson and Elizabeth Kiley

Biaggio Giovanni Emanuele de Cristofaro was born 20 January 1863 in Torre le Nocelle to Carmine and Donata Ardolino.

 Pedigree of Biaggio de Cristofaro

20 March 2011

Naturalization: Pasqualina Cefalo - Bevilacqua (1903)

Naturalization Index #5874070
Name: Bevilacqua, Pasqualina
Residence: 53 Harrington St., Watertown MA
Birth: 12 February 1903
Age: 40
Petition #: 255301 / 2601710
Date of Admission: 25 October 1943
Certificate of Identity: 2977

Pasqualina Cefalo was the wife of Saturnino Bevilacqua.  She was born in Torre le Nocelle to Federico Cefalo and Maria Luisa Bevilacqua.

Pedigree of Pasqualina Cefalo

19 March 2011

Z' Amoroso

Amoroso Cefalo 
You may have seen the above photo in a previous blog post without any mention of when it was taken.
How do I know when it was taken? I cropped this image from a more inclusive photo in the Foto di Persone section of the Torre le Nocelle web site. The original photo is from a banquet in honor of Dr. Giovanni Di Dominicis under the auspices of the Torrese Colony on December 23, 1923. Recognize anybody? You can find Amoroso on the right hand side of the photo sitting at the base of column. And...if you're ever in Torre le Nocelle, you can inquire about visiting the Circolo Operaio Torrese building where you can see the photograph of the banquet hanging on the wall.
Luigi Cefalo
Amoroso was born in Torre le Nocelle. His parents were Luigi Cefalo and Vincenza Selvitella. I would like to tell you when he was born, but his World War I draft registration gives his birth date as December 3, 1876. When he registered for the draft in World War II his birthday was December 3, 1877. Finally the birth date associated with his Social Security number is November 14, 1876.

Two brothers and two sisters survived infancy; Ardita, Nicolangelo, Generoso, and Silvia. Ardita was my maternal grandmother.
Cefalo Siblings: Silvia, Amoroso, & Ardita
Here is a video of Amoroso walking down to street to visit his sister Ardita in Revere, Massachusetts. You can also see him in the video of the 1950 Circolo O Torrese picnic
I seem to always remember Z' Amoroso wearing a suit jacket and tie. That's probably because I usually saw him on holidays and other festive occasions such as Sunday dinner.
Z' Amoroso in 1957
Amoroso worked for many years as a cobbler at the French, Shriner, and Urner shoe factory in Boston. He worked well beyond retirement age. My father said that it was a struggle to get him to apply for his Social Security benefits. Amoroso was also qualified to received some unemployment benefits. My father took him down to the state offices to apply. When he saw the line of applicants, Amoroso said an Italian equivalent of "to hell with this" and left. He never tried to apply again.

Amoroso passed away on January 5, 1964 and is buried in St. Michael Cemetery in Boston.

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13 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day, Eating Green with Pesto

In Boston St. Patrick's Day is a big deal, especially in South Boston. A time to eat corned beef and cabbage and drink green beer. I don't remember St. Patrick's Day being a big deal while growing up. We had the day off from school because it was Evacuation Day which commemorates the British withdrawal from the siege of Boston in 1776. I don't remember eating corned beef and cabbage as a kid either. For us, a boiled dinner was minestra (menestra). I also don't remember eating or drinking anything green.

But pesto is green and I recently learned that Saint Patrick may be of Italian, or a least Roman descent. So, I was thinking that maybe pesto would be something to make in honor of San Pasquale.

My mother almost always served pasta with a red, meaning tomato, sauce. The primary exceptions were Aglio Olio and Spaghetti with the Clam Sauce (white). Actually it wasn't called pasta, it was spaghetti, linguine, vermicelli, etc. Anything short was called macaroni. I always thought that the preference for a red sauce was a southern Italian thing. All my grandparents were born in Avellino and three of them were born in Torre. After my father passed away I found out that we usually had pasta with tomato sauce because that was what he liked. My mother started making different sauces to serve over pasta. She had grown up in the Pacific Northwest and was very close to her god-parents' family who were genovese. My mother learned about basil pesto from them. Eventually I learned to make pesto for myself.

I got a basil pesto recipe from the 1975 edition of Joy of Cooking page 571.

"Pound in a mortar about 1 1/2 cups of fresh basil leaves. Add and pound 2 cloves garlic, 1/4 cup pine nuts. Add, until the mixture forms a thick puree about 3/4 cup of thinly grated Sardinia or Parmesan cheese. When the mixture is really thick, add very slowly, stirring constantly about 3/4 cup olive oil until the consistency of creamed butter. Put a film of olive olive oil over the top. Cover and refrigerate or freeze".

And modified it to fit my purposes.

I didn't know what Sardinia cheese was. My family always served pecorino romano rather than parmesan so I substituted. After googling Sardinia cheese to write this, it appears that I may have used a similar ingredient.

Pine nuts were always called pignoli.

My ingredients:

1 1/2 cups fresh basil, 2 garlic cloves, 1/4 cup pignolis, 3/4 cup romano pecorino cheese, 3/4 cup olive oil

The recipe said "pound in a mortar" and "stir". I used a food processor.

Sunbeam food processor

I started with the basil.

Basil added, and chopped

Next came the garlic.


Then the pignolis.


Add some cheese.

Romano Pecorino

After the olive oil has been added and mixed in, it looks like this.

Oil's been added

I don't know if it has the consistency  of creamed butter, but as far as I'm concerned it's ready for freezing

or eating.

Basil Pesto over Veal Tortellini

About half the time I forget to put a film of olive oil over the top of the pesto. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

Joy of Cooking suggests that parsley may be substituted for basil, but as they say the flavor is very different. I've tried it and it doesn't work for me.

Lastly, somewhere (probably on a package of sun dried tomatoes) I saw a suggestion to add sun dried tomatoes to pesto. I tried that too. While it was a much better experience for me than parsley pesto, I don't think I'll repeat it.

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08 March 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Francesco Angelo Raffaele dello Iacono (1874)

 Naturalization Petition

Francesco Angelo Raffaele dello Iacono was born 9 May 1874 in Torre le Nocelle to Giovanni and Maria Assunta Ucci.  He married Pasqualina la Torella on 23 April 1900 in Torre le Nocelle.  Pasqualina was born 1879 in Torre to Michele la Torella and Maria Giovanna Lombardi.

Petition for Naturalization #117831
Filed: 16 May 1929 in Boston, MA
Name: Angelo Raffaele Dello Iacono
Residence: 152 Swanton Street, Winchester, MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 9 May 1874 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: "Europa" - Napoli to New York - 20 June 1911
Declaration of Intention: #195174 filed 29 April 1927 in Boston

Wife: Pasqualina, born in Italy, resides in Winchester
1. Maria A, born 1 May 1910 in Italy
2. Maria G, born 25 September 1911 in Italy
3. Maria G, born 5 August 1918 in Winchester

Witness: John F Cassidy, real estate, Winchester
Witness: Vincenzo Gigliotti, glue cooker, Winchester

Date of Dismissal: 12 January 1931
Reason: Lack of Prosecution
Date of Admission: 11 May 1931 (resubmitted)
Certificate #: 3415089

Pedigree chart of daughter Maria Grazia.

07 March 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Alexander Fina (1888)

Petition for Naturalization

Petition for Naturalization #39452
Filed: 17 March 1920 in Philadelphia PA
Name: Alexander Fina
Residence: 1417 Stiles Street
Occupation: Dryer
Birth: 26 December 1888 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: Friedrich der Grosse - Napoli to New York - 2 August 1898
Declaration of Intention: #14368 Filed 10 May 1917 in Philadelphia
Wife: Eunice, born 9 February 1885 in Franklin, MA
Witness: John Volpe, barber, 2655 S. 12th Street
Witness: Nicolo Petrinelli, foreman, 2208 N. Dariens Street
Date of Admission: 8 July 1920
Certificate #: 1414273

06 March 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Alfredo D Guarente (1879)

Petition for Naturalization

Petition For Naturalization #24672
Filed: 21 June 1917 in Philadelphia PA
Name: Alfredo D Guarente
Residence: 1527 Wharton Street
Occupation: Barber
Birth: 2 November 1879 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: Prinzess Irene - Napoli to New York - 10 June 1906
Declaration of Intention: #24934 filed 19 March 1915 in PA

Wife: Nellie, born 23 April 1876 in Dongal, Ireland, resides in PA
Children: (All born and reside in PA)
1. Susie, born 13 July 1909
2. John, born 25 July 1910
3. Nellie, born 18 March 1912
4. Alfred, born 19 September 1913
5. Frances, born 29 November 1915

Witness: Angelo Francisco, tailor, 1231 S. 15th Street
Witness: Joseph Fina, barber, 1126 (Shunte) Street
Date of Admission: 6 December 1917
Certificate #: 769073

Photo Op

When I was young our family captured memories in Kodak moments, on Polaroid snapshots, and on 8 mm film. None of these memories would be available to view until after the recording medium was processed.

A later generation would add video tape to the repertoire and get instant memories.

Today many people not only record their memories on digital media where they are immediately available to be seen but also make their memories available to the world on social web sites such as Facebook, flickr, and Picasa.

A earlier generation lacked these options for preserving their memories.  They would go to a photography studio to have their photos taken.

I have a collection of such photos from my paternal grandparents, Benigno Palmino DeSantis and Elvira Ardolino. Benigno was born in Taurasi, Elvira in Torre le Nocelle. When they emigrated to America, they settled in Boston.

I do not know who most of the people in these photos are, so I can not say very much about them.

But, about some of the photos I can say this:

This bearded man is in a hat.

Are these boys in the Army? Whose Army?

Why a fence of branches in the studio?

Maria e Mario ha un piccolo agnello.

That does not look like Revere Beach.

This guy has been to Cleveland.

I wish I knew who these people were.
More of them can be seen at: The Unknowns and Some Knowns

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05 March 2011

1903 Westborough MA Death Index - Antoniella Bevilacqua

 1903 Westborough MA Death Index Volume: 541 Page: 50 Entry: 18

Name: Andoniellay (Antoniella) Bevilacqua (f)
Death: 31 January 1903 in Westborough
Age: 2 years, 6 months, 5 days, born in Wakefield, MA
Cause: Pneumonia
Burial: Stoneham, MA
Father: Joseph Bevilacqua, born in Italy*
Mother: Raffaela Lombardi, born in Italy**

*Giuseppe Bevilacqua born 26 March 1867 in Torre le Nocelle.
**Raffaela Lombardi born 1 November 1871 in Torre le Nocelle

04 March 2011

Ship Manifest: Arabic - Napoli to Boston - 8 August 1922 List 4

Arabic 8 August 1922 List 4
Arabic 8 August 1922 List 4-2

List: 4
Line: 1
Name: Ardalino, Florinda
Age: 53
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Sister Severlina Ardolino in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Husband Giuseppe Cirignano at 119 Chestnut St, Chelsea MA
Previous Travel: 1917-1922 in MA
Note: Permanent resident; last left U.S on 26 April 1922

Florinda Ardolino was born 5 March 1869 in Torre le Nocelle to Arcangelo Palmarino Ardolino and Maria Angela de Minico.  She married Giuseppe Cirignano in Torre on 1 December 1892.  The sister that she was visiting in Torre was Maria Saveria Ardolino, born 11 September 1858.  Below is Florinda's pedigree chart.

03 March 2011

Ship Manifest: Victoria - Napoli to New York - 22 June 1898

Victoria 1872-1905

Victoria - Napoli to New York
22 June 1898

List: H
Line: 12
Name: Nardone, Carmela
Age: 46
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Pietradefusi
Destination: Husband Andrea Antonaccio in New York
Previous Travel: No

List: H
Line: 13
Name: Antonaccio, Lucia
Age: 19
Marital: Single
Note: Daughter of Carmela Nardone

List: H
Line: 14
Name: Antonaccio, Maria Carmina
Age: 14
Note: Daughter of Carmela Nardone

List: H
Line: 15
Name: Antonaccio, Orazio
Age: 12
Note: Son of Carmela Nardone

List: H
Line: 16
Name: Antonaccio, Palmerino
Age: 7
Note: Son of Carmela Nardone

List: H
Line: 17
Name: Antonaccio, Maria
Age: 2
Note: Daughter of Carmela Nardone; in hospital

List: H
Line: 18
Name: Antonaccio, Maria (Luisa or Lucia)
Age: 37
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Pietradefusi
Destination: Husband Antonio de Rienzo in Mount Vernon, NY
Previous Travel: No

List: H
Line: 19
Name: De Rienzo, Angela
Age: 6
Note: Daughter of Maria Antonaccio

Victoria - Napoli to New York - 22 June 1898

02 March 2011

Ship Manifest: Cretic - Napoli to New York - 24 April 1905

Cetic - Napoli to New York
24 April 1905

Just one lone Montemiletto traveler on the entire manifest ...

List: C
Line: 16
Name: Colella, Emilio
Age: 24
Marital: Married
Occupation: Shoemaker
Last Residence: Montemiletto
Destination: Brother-in-law Ciriaco Ardolino at Box 136, Wellesley, MA
Previous Travel: 1896-1902 in Boston

Emilio was born 1879 in Montemiletto.  He married Erminia Diamanta Ardolino (b. 27 May 1879)  of Torre circa 1905 in Italy.

The Ciriaco Ardolino in Wellesley was the son of Carmine Giovanni Ardolino and Maria Grazia Capone. Ciriaco married Maria Giuseppa Ardolino, daughter of Giovanni Antonio Ardolino and Fiorita de Minico ... and sister of Erminia Diamanta Ardolino, wife of Emilio Colella.

Dizzy yet?

It would appear that Emilio and wife Diamanta had some delays.  They were first scheduled to make the trip on 13 April 1905 on board the Konigan Luise.  They were recorded on the manifest, however both lines were crossed out.  Ditto for the 21 April 1905 Neckar manifest.

I went through all 96 pages of the Cretic manifest looking for Diamanta, but she was not to be found.  Son Dante Colella was born 22 September 1905 in Wellesley, so we know for certain she made it to the States sometime between April and September.

The poor gal would have been in the early stages of her pregnancy when she made the crossing.  Can you imagine having to deal with morning sickness and sea-sickness at the same time?

Cretic - List C

01 March 2011

1903 Fitchburg MA Death Index - Alfred Capone

1903 Fitchburg Death Index Volume: 541 Page: 449 Entry: 50
Name: Alfred Capone
Date of Death: 3 February 1903
Age: 1 year, 15 days
Primary Cause: Pertussis
Secondary Cause: Bronchopneumonia
Parents: James Capone and Lena Lanzillo

Father James was Vincenzo Capone (b.circa 1862) and mother Lena was Pasqualina Lanzillo (b. circa 1871).  The family definitely wasn't from Torre, but I suspect from nearby Montemiletto.  In 1910 James was working as a signal man for the B&M railroad and by 1912 had opened up Capone's Bakery on Birch Street in Fitchburg, MA.