05 May 2012

Photo of Mariagrazia De Angelis


By total accident, I located the photocopied photo that I mentioned in my last post!  (Isn't it always that way: you find something when you're not looking for it.)

The photo was taken in Montefalcione c. 1890.  Mariagrazia De Angelis is the taller woman.  She was about 28 years old.  The cute boy to her left is his firstborn, Domenico Ciampa, around age 5.  (Who could have guessed that he would live another 101 years!)  To Mariagrazia's right was her husband, Federigo Ciampa.

I believe that the older woman is Federigo's mother, Giuseppa Fabrizio.

To name the others in the photo would be pure guesswork.  However, I'm almost certain they are on the Ciampa side, not the De Angelis side.  The boy on the far left and the other boy on the right would seem to be brothers; their resemblance is striking. 

The original photo was owned by a cousin, Anthony C. ("Charlie") Ciampa (1919-2006).  Charlie was very interested in the family history and had several historic photos like this one.  (At wakes he used to bring the photos in a manila envelope and show them to people.)  I'd give my right arm to know where those photos ended up ...

Leonardo Ciampa


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