11 March 2010

Inquiries - Research Assistance

 Mulberry Street, NY Circa 1893

Do you have ancestors from Torre le Nocelle or the surrounding comunes?  If you're just beginning your research, or are stuck and need some assistance ... or just have a family story you'd like to share, feel free to email me directly. 

Please include your name and email address, the surnames you are researching, the comune/s,  and as much relevant detail (dates, etc.) as you can ...and we'll be happy to try to assist you. 

Regretfully, however we can no longer respond to anonymous requests for family information.


  1. I have my grandfather's (Emidio Diprofio)original ticket on the White Star Line aboard the Cretic leaving Naples, Italy on 22 April 1911 bound for New York. It's all in Italian and cost 200 lire.

  2. @Anonymous

    How cool! I wonder what 200 lire converts to at today's prices?


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