17 March 2010

Searching for Cieri and Caprio Families From Lapio, Avellino

Mariangela Caprio (nee Olario) circa 1902

Jan and Bob Domenico would like to put the word out that they are searching for more information on Bob's maternal line - the Cieri and Caprio families from Lapio, Avellino, Italy.  Below is the pedigree chart for Bob's Mom - Emma Catherine Caprio, born 1918 in Massachusetts to Giuseppe Caprio and Maria Caterina (Catherine) Cieri.

Giuseppe and Catherine were married in Massachusetts.  They had five other children: Michael (1909), Louise (1912), Gennaro (1913), Olympia (1922), and Lawrence (1923).

Pedigree of Emma Catherine Cieri

Giuseppe (Joseph) Caprio and Maria Caterina (Catherine) Cieri circa 1932.
Such a handsome couple!

Giuseppe (Joseph) Caprio circa 1950.
Catherine must have been a good cook, as Joe's overalls are getting a bit tight :-)

Emma's paternal grandparents were Ciriaco Caprio (circa 1839) and Mariangela Olario (circa 1851), both from Lapio.  Ciriaco's parents were Giuseppe Caprio and Alessandra Carbone.  Mariangela's parents were Antonio Olario and Gaetana Amore.

Emma's maternal grandparents were Gennaro Cieri (circa 1849) and Maria Gaetana Vozella (circa 1851), also both from Lapio. Gennaro's parents were Raffaele Cieri and Caterina Simone. Maria Gaetana's parents were Francescantonio Vozella and Teresa Iannino.

Gennaro Cieri and Maria Gaetana Vozella circa 1880.

Note from Jan regarding the above photo:

"The picture of Gennaro Cieri & Maria Gaetana Vozella was scanned from a slide. No one was ever able to tell me what year the picture was taken, but I'm guessing around the 1880s. It might be their wedding picture. This portrait hung in Catherine Caprio's home, and in 1977 when we were beginning our family history search in earnest, we asked a lot of questions about it. It was poster sized with the original frame on it. Bob's nonnie kept telling him to take it home with us, but he wouldn't do it, so we took several slides of it instead. It wasn't that much later when visitors from Italy came, probably Ralph & Margarite Cieri, and they took the portrait back to Italy as no one had a picture of them. In 1981 the earthquake in Avellino struck, and we are not even sure the portrait survived. This image may very well be the only surviving one left. "

If you have more information on this family ... or think you might be related ... feel free to email Jan directly at jand1269@msn.com.

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