01 March 2010

Todesca Family Inquiry

Inquiry posted by Andrea (Todesca) February 27, 2010 1:17 PM

I am a Todesca and my Great Grandfather was Gennaro married to Carmella Pettrillo. That is as far back as I have gone. I am now retired and living in Western Massachusetts.

I am trying to get better in my research.  We are related to Cefalos.As I understand it, Gennaro's brother Carmen had a daughter Rose Todesca who married Carmanucci Cefalo. My father kept in touch with those Cefalos and I have been in contact with Andrea Cefalo several years ago. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

 I visited Torre le Nocelle about 10 years ago but did not learn much because I do not speak Italian."

Hi Andrea!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch with me ... and I'm happy to help.  I've posted two pedigree charts below.  The first begins with Raffaele Todesca born 4 May 1879 in Torre to Gennaro Antonio Todesca and Carmela Petriello (your great-grandparents).  The second chart continues the Todesca line with Michelangelo, born 1716 in Torre.  Michelangelo was the fourth great-grandfather of Raffaele.

 I'm not sure if Raffaele would be your grandfather or your great-uncle, as there were seven other siblings, but I've started the charts with him as he's the one on whom I have the most info.

Pedigree Chart of Raffaele Todesca

Pedigree Chart of Michelangelo Todesca

Children of Gennaro Antonio Todesca and Carmela Petriello:

1. Giuseppe Todesca:  Born in Torre on 12 Jan 1870.  Giuseppe emigrated to the States in March of 1877 and apparently settled in the area of Roslindale / Boston, MA where he was a construction contractor.  He was naturalized on 29 July 1897 and married Maria Agnese Neidhold circa 1898 / 1899. He died in Los Angeles, CA on 16 Oct 1946.

Giuseppe Todesca Passport Photo 1919

Giuseppe Todesca 1919 Passport Application Page One

Giuseppe Todesca 1919 Passport Application Page Two

2. Florindo Todesca:  Born 29 Dec 1872 in Torre. He married Antonia dello Iacono (also of Torre) on 15 May 1897.  Antonia's 1904 Konig Albert manifest lists Florindo's address as 59 Bellevue Ave., Roslindale, MA.

Konig Albert Manifest 11 May 1904
Antonia dello Iacono on line 12

3. Rosa Clorinda Todesca:  Born 21 May 1875 in Torre and died 1 April 1876

4.  Albino (Albert) Todesca:  Born 24 Feb 1877 in Torre.  He emigrated to the States on 10 Dec 1892 and was naturalized on 9 Oct 1903 in W. Roxbury, MA.  He married Mary Magee circa 1910.  Albert was shown to be a bottle labeler for the Jacob Wirth Co. in Charlestown (1918), and a machinist for an auto parts store (1920).  He died sometime between 1920 - 1930.

 1906 Passport Application of Albert Todesca

5. Raffaele (Ralph Albert) Todesca:  Born 4 May 1879 in Torre.  Ralph emigrated to the States on 5 April 1897 and settled in the Roslindale, MA area.  He married Mary de Luca of Palermo, Sicily circa 1900.  Ralph was a self-employed vaudeville entertainer and his specialty was trick cycling.  He was naturalized on 22 June 1931 and died in Ventura, CA on 27 Feb 1967.  I wish I'd met Ralph ... he sounds pretty cool!

1921 Petition For Naturalization.  This was Ralph's first attempt and it was dismissed ... for reasons I can't quite make out.

1931 Naturalization Index of Ralph Todesca ... this second attempt was approved.

1913 Article taken from The Constitution newspaper - Atlanta, GA 

6. Margherita Todesca:  Born 30 July 1882 in Torre.  She was still alive in 1893, but beyond that I don't have any more info on Margherita.

7. Carlo Todesca:  Born 6 Dec 1884 in Torre.  He married Alfonsina de Cristofaro circa 1908 and died 1977 in Torre.  Carlo and Alfonsina had at least two children: Rodolpho (1908) and Carmela (1910).

Photo from Carlo Todesca's grave in the Torre cemetery.
8. Salvatore Todesca:  Born 5 April 1888 in Torre.  He married Carolina Buono circa 1913 and they had at least one son, Ernesto (1915).

Hope this helps, Andrea.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi, I am wondering if you can tell me anything about a Beniamino Todesca, who immigrated from Torre le Nocelle to Winchester, MA. He was a firefighter. I am his great-grandson. My grandmother is Palma Todesca (living), who has the sisters Emily, Georgianna, and Anita, and brother Ben (all deceased). Palma was born in Winchester and now resides in Medford, MA. Any help is appreciated.


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