27 April 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Angelo Iarrobino

Cemetery - Torre le Nocelle, Italy

Angelo Iarrobino was born 24 May 1869 to Vincenzo Iarrobino and Carmina Cardillo in the family home on Strada Grotticelle, Torre le Nocelle.  He was one of at least three children to Vincenzo and Carmina. Older brother Domenico was born on 2 April 1865 and died on 10 March 1880.  Younger sister Lauretta was born on 19 January 1876 and married Angelantonio Puzo (also of Torre) on 22 November 1900.

Below is Angelo's birth record. (click to enlarge)  The majority of Torre's civil records were written in pre-printed, "fill in the blank" books, however for reasons known only to God and our Torresi, civil acts filed between 1867 and 1874 are all handwritten.  Although they're kind of a pain to read, I've noticed that usually you'll find more detailed information in the handwritten records.  Here are the highlights of this one:

#21 Filed 25 Maggio 1869
Name: Angelo Iarrobino
Birth: 24 Maggio 1869 ad ore due; nella casa posta in strada Grotticelle
Father: Vincenzo Iarrobino, age 38, contadino, son of the deceased Ippolito Iarrobino
Mother: Carmina Cardillo, sua legittima moglie,  daughter of the deceased Carmine Cardillo
Witness: Ciriaco Colucciello, 60, contadino, son of the deceased Biaggio Colucciello
Witness: Carmine Cardillo, 41, contadino, son of the deceased Domenico Cardillo
Sindaco: Giovanni de Dominicis

Angelo Iarrobino birth - page one

Angelo Iarrobino birth - page two

A close-up of the photo from Angelo's grave.  Handsome gent, isn't he?

On 24 November 1888, Angelo married Maria Concetta Petriello.  Maria Concetta was born in Torre on 29 September 1865 to Michelangelo Petriello and Carmina Cardillo. (Not to be confused with Angelo's mother of the same name, however the two Carmina's were half-first cousins.)  Below are pedigree charts of Angelo and Maria Concetta.

Pedigree Chart - Angelo Iarrobino

Pedigree Chart - Maria Concetta Petriello

Angelo and Maria Concetta had at least four children between 1890 and 1897.  It's likely they had a few more after 1900, but since we don't have access to those records ... we'll just have to wonder.

Daughter Alfonsina was the first born, and presented herself at 6:30 AM on the morning of  9 January 1890. Apparently Alfonsina was a healthy child, as her birth record also makes note of a 2 March 1913 marriage to Alberico Luongo of Torre.

Next up was Vincenza Iarrobino, who tumbled into Torre during the evening of 13 November 1891.  She made her appearance at 8:00 PM - just in time for dinner.

Son Giuseppe Domenico Iarrobino was born at 2:20 AM on 22 February 1894.  The note on Giuseppe's birth record says he married Alfonsina Luongo on 5 February 1922 in Torre. Alfonsina was the sister of Alberico Luongo, who married Giuseppe Domenico's older sister, Alfonsina Iarrobino. Still with me ;-)

Giuseppe Domenico was a studious child - or I should say we can probably assume he was. Below is his elementary school certificate ... which says he passed with (what appear to be) flying colors.  We need to thank Florindo for sharing this little tidbit with us. 

1906 Report Card of Giuseppe Iarrobino.

The fourth child born to Angelo and Maria Concetta was Maria Carmina on 20 November 1897.

So there we have the story of Angelo Iarrobino and his children.  May he rest in peace, and know that he has the love of  many of his descendants ... even though he didn't live long enough to meet some of them.

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