03 May 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Angelantonio Ardolino and Teodora Lombardi

Ardolino Tombstone - Woodlawn Cemetery, Tampa FL

Angelantonio Ardolino was born 27 June 1839 in Torre le Nocelle to Clamanzio Ardolino of Torre and Maria Giuseppa Bocchino of San Giorgio la Montagna.  I know ... I know ... the tombstone shows a birth year of 1838, but that just goes to show you .... don't believe everything that's carved in stone.

Antonio, as he was known, was the second of four sons born to Clamanzio and Maria Giuseppa.  Older brother Giovanni Antonio was born in 1836, younger brothers Pasquale Antonio in 1842, and Domenico in 1842. 

Mother Maria Giuseppa Bocchino died in 1848 and father Clamanzio went on to marry two more times.  His second marriage was to Teresa Vozella of Torre.  They were married in 1849 and she died in 1850.  Clamanzio's third marriage to Teresa Strollo in 1851 added five more children to the household: Giuseppe Pasquale (1852), Carmine (1853), Pasquale (1856), Maria Elisabetta (1858), and Angelo Raffaele (1863).  

Like their father, all the Ardolino boys would become sculptors.  Antonio is actually the uncle of Eduardo Ardolino, our famous Torrese sculptor.

Teodora Lombardi was born 11 Sept 1839 in Torre to Michele Arcangelo Lombardi (a shoemaker) and Marianna Sullo.  The couple had six other children: Carmine (1836), Emilia (1842), Domenica (1844), Giuseppe (1846), Maria Carmela (1849), and Annamaria (abt. 1852).

Marriage Record of Angelo Antonio Ardolino to Teresa Lombardi

Antonio and Teodora were married in Torre on 31 Dec 1866.  Their marriage record (in two parts) is posted above.  It's another one of those lovely (and barely legible) handwritten ones that I mentioned in a previous post.  Here are the highlights:
#14 Filed 31 Dec 1866 
Sposo: Angelantonio Ardolino, 27, scalpellino, nato in Torre, domiciliato in Torre nella strada Piazza, figlio di Clamanzio Ardolino, scalpellino, e Maria Giuseppa Bocchino, contadina. 
Sposa: Teodora Lombardi, 27, contadina, nata in Torre, domiciliata in Torre nella strada Padula, figlia di Arcangelo Lombardi, calzolaio, e Marianna Sullo, contadina 
Witness: Angelo Petriello, son of the deceased Giuseppe Petriello, 42, proprietario
Witness: Francesco Selvitella, son of the deceased Carmine Selvitella, 50, proprietario
Sindaco: Diego de Angelis

Six children were born to this marriage:  Maria Teresa (1867), Angelo Raffaele (1869-1937), Stella (1872-1943), Clamanzio (1875-1876), Maria Carmela (1880-1881), and Giuseppe (1883-1885).

The couple emigrated to the States circa 1890, settling first in Massachusetts and finally in Tampa, FL.  The 1910 census shows them living with their daughter Stella (aka Maria) and son-in-law John Grimaldi at 1914 7th Avenue in Tampa.  

They have been laid to rest - beneath a tombstone befitting a sculptor - in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

1910 U.S. Federal Census - Tampa, FL (click to enlarge)
Angelo and Teodora are on the last two lines.


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