17 June 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Erminio de Minico 1884

Erminio de Minico 1939

Did I tell you how much I love Footnote?  Yep ... I probably did :-)  Tonight I came across naturalization papers for our Erminio de Minico, born 30 October 1884 in Torre le Nocelle.  The photo above came from his 1939 Declaration of Intention.  Doesn't he have a sweet face?

Erminio was born to shoemaker Federigo Pasquale de Minico (1855) and Maria Elisabetta aka Luisa Ardolino (1858).  He had four siblings: Fioravante aka Fiore (1880), Erminio (1882-1884), Roberto Ciriaco (1887) and Albertina (1889). 

Mother Maria Elisabetta died in 1893 and father Federigo went on to marry Maria Luigia Petriello, also of Torre.  This second marriage produced six more children: Alberto (1895), Carmine (1897), Maria Luisa (1899), Rosa (1906), Annibale (1910) and Giuseppe (1912).

Below is Erminio's birth act.
#45 Filed 31 Oct 1884
Name: Erminio de Minico
Birth: 30 Oct 1884 alle ore 8:30 am nella casa posta in Contrada Costarelle
Father: Federico de Minico, 29, calzolaio
Mother: Luisa Ardolino, sua legittima moglie

Erminio de Minico 1884 Birth Act

On 26 January 1902 Erminio left the port of Naples on board the RMS Commonwealth, arriving in Boston on 7 February 1902. 
Line 17 of the Commonwealth manifest:
De Minico, Erminio, age 17, single, shoemaker from Torre le Nocelle, in possession of $6 and going to brother Fiore de Minico's home at 107 Everett St. East Boston MA

1902 Commonwealth Manifest 

And below is Erminio's 1943 Petition for Naturalization which tells us he married a nice Italian girl from Caserta and they settled in Cleveland, Ohio to raise their family.

Petition For Naturalization U.S. District Court of Cleveland Ohio No. 98531 Filed 1943

Name: Erminio de Minico
Address: 1430 E. 120 St. Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Age: 59
Occupation: Barber
Birth: 30 October 1884 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Spouse: Carolina, born 13 June 1889 in Capua, Caserta, Italy
Date of Marriage: 27 Sept 1914 in Cleveland OH

Louis born 11 March 1904 in Bosto MA
Louise born 6 October 1914 in Cleveland OH
Theresa born 29 September 1916 in Cleveland OH
Armando born 12 December 1918 in Cleveland OH
Alberto born 1 December 1925 in Cleveland OH
Adeline born 14 April 1923 in Cleveland OH
Frederick born 28 May 1928 in Cleveland OH
*Notation - Armando and Albert are in the U.S. Navy

Last Foreign Residence: Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration: 7 February 1902 on board the Commonwealth from Naples to the port of Boston

Witness: Lee P. Wallace, Executive, 14311 Savannah Ave. E. Cleveland OH
Witness: Jennie Bianchi, Housewife, 12422 Chesterfield Ave. Cleveland OH
Oath of Allegiance Administered: 5 May 1944
Petition Granted Line No. 15 List No. 1619 Certificate No 6366605

1943 Petition for Naturalization

1944 Oath of Allegiance

Pedigree Chart of Erminio de Minico


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