24 July 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine Dello Iacono (1876)

Certificate of Arrival

Carmine Francesco dello Iacono was born in Torre le Nocelle on 22 December 1876* to Pasquale dello Iacono, a stone cutter and Maria Grazia Selvitella.  

Carmine was the second of five children born to this couple.  Siblings include:  Maria Carmina Raffaella (1874), Vincenzo (1879), Angela (1883) and Palma (1886).  Father Pasquale died in Torre on 2 October 1887.

A notation on Carmine's birth act says he married Giuseppina di Donato of Montemiletto on 12 April 1902.  From Carmine's petition we learn that Giuseppina's birth date was 2 November 1876.

Below are Carmine's Declaration of Intention and Petition for Naturalization papers ... compliments of Footnote.

1917 Declaration of Intention

*Both Carmine's Declaration and Petition record his birth date as 22 December 1877 ... off by one year from the actual date of birth as shown in the Torre Stato Civile acts.

1924 Petition for Naturalization

1925 Order of Admittance 


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