31 July 2010

Ship Manifest: Verona - Napoli to New York - 2 December 1913

SS Verona

From Ancestry.com.  The Verona docked in New York on 2 December 1913 with one lone Torrese - who just happened to be Florindo Cirignano, grandfather of our Florindo Cirignano.  

I've scanned the entire manifest (177 photos, thank you very much) and not only didn't I see any other Torre names ... there weren't even any folks from nearby Pietradefusi or Montemiletto.  This is very unusual as our folks always travel in packs.

Below is the manifest in two pages. (click to enlarge)  You'll find the 22 year old Flo Sr. on line sixteen - final destination of 75 North Margin St. in Boston.

Technically I suppose, there was another Torrese on that ship - San Ciriaco ;-)  You can read more about that story here.

SS Verona 1913 Page One

SS Verona 1913 Page Two

Florindo Sr. with Flo Jr.  Aren't they sweet?!


  1. May I ask where you got the image of the S.S. Verona? I also have a family member who traveled on that ship from Italy, but I couldn't find an image of that ship on Ancestry.com or anywhere else but here!


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