03 July 2010

Ship Manifest: Weser - 15 May 1893 - Napoli to New York

 Weser 1867-1896

Weser Manifest - 15 May 1893
Naples to New York

Geez ... Montemiletto must have been quiet in the summer of 1893... half the men in town sailed off to the States.  Manifests and photo found on Ancestry.com.  With the exception of the Lapio gents at the end (Just for you, Jan!) everyone was headed to New York.

Weser - Sheet 9

Sheet 9
Line 487: Capone, Beniamino, age 28, from Montemiletto

Weser - Sheet 13

Sheet 13
Line 700: Troisi, Ferdinando, age 27, from Pietradefusi
Line 709: Brogna, Raffaele, age 16, from Montemiletto
Line 711: Brogna, Raffaele, age 16, from Montemiletto
Line 712: Fiore, Giovanni, age 46, from Montemiletto
Line 713: De Sanctis, Angelo, age 48, from Montemiletto
Line 714: Capone, Michelangelo, age 41, from Montemiletto
Line 715: Magno, Carlo, age 31, from Montemiletto
Line 716: Musto, Angelo, age 39, from Montemiletto
Line 717: Ardolino, Palmarino, age 23, from Torre le Nocelle
Line 718: Colella, Antonio, age 36, from Montemiletto
Line 720: Magno, Carmine, age 36, from Montemiletto
Line 721: Di Stefano, Angelo, age 36, from Montemiletto
Line 722: Fina, Carmine, age 30, from Montemiletto
Line 723: Nuziato, Michelangelo, age 44, from Montemiletto
Line 724: Ferraro, Saverio, age 22, from Montemiletto
Line 725: Lanzillo, Antonio, age 23, from Montemiletto
Line 726: Lanzillo, Angelo, age 27, from Montemiletto
Line 727: Ragno, Feliciano, age 43, from Montemiletto

 Weser - Sheet 14

Sheet 14

Line 757: Colella, Pasquale, age 31, from Montemiletto

Weser - Sheet 15

Sheet 15

Line 818: Ciarlo, Pasquale, age 57, from Montemiletto
Line 819: Capone, Feliciano, age 45, from Montemiletto

 Weser - Sheet 17

Sheet 17

Line 944: Caprio, Vitantonio, age 38, from Lapio, going to MA
Line 949: Caprio, Pasquale, age 51, from Lapio, going to MA
Line 951: Vozella, Nicola, age 23, from Lapio, going to MA
Line 959: Vozella, Luigi, age 45, from Lapio, going to MA


  1. I was doing some research in New Family Search this past week, and I found a whole group of Caprios in MA. I'm sure they're all related, but I don't know how. One of them was Pasquale Caprio, born in Italy around 1843. He is shown to have died on 30 Sep 1895 in Boston at the age of 52 which does correlate with the manifest. I also found a marriage certificate for another Pasquale Caprio, born 1882, married on 04 Dec 1904 to Elisabetta Simone in Boston, and whose father is listed as Pasquale Caprio, indicating to me that these people were most likly father and son.

    FYI: For those of you who have family in Boston in the early 1900s, you can find transcripts of the marriage and death records at http://pilot.familysearch.org. These records are recent additions, and there are now some transcribed Italian records although not from our comunes as yet.

  2. @Jan

    I LOVE the Family Search pilot site ... every day they seem to be adding new records!


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