30 August 2010

The Family of Emidio Luongo and Carmela Paolucci

(L) Emidio Luongo (R) Great-great grandson Anthony Cirella.
How cute is the hat and that big ear-to-ear grin?!

Our recent blog post on Emidio Luongo inspired Joyce Luongo to get in touch with us ... and I'm so glad she did!  Joyce is the wife of Emidio (Nick) Luongo, son of Emidio Sr.  She was kind enough to share these beautiful photos with us, as well as some family stories.  Below are Emidio, wife Carmela (nee Paolucci) and their children.

1. Carmela Paolucci Luongo
2. Emidio "Dominic" Luongo, aka "The Kaiser." (Joyce tells me Emidio was such a hard worker that the family wondered if he ever slept.)
3. Genoveffa "Lolly" Luongo
4. Emidio "Nick" Luongo
5. James Luongo
6. Regina Luongo (School teacher)
7. Giulia Luongo (Hell-raiser supreme - could run faster than The Kaiser, thus avoiding the "lesson cuffs"... go Giulia!)
8.  Emma Luongo (Another hell-raiser)
9. Georgio Luongo (Retired equipment manager for the New England Patriots, currently living in Westwood MA)
10. Ernesto Luongo (Died 1994 - son Ernesto Jr. was killed in the service in 1965 when a C-133 he was working on slipped off its jack and crushed him.)

And standing on the right side in this next photo is Giovanni Luongo, oldest son of Emidio and Carmela.  Giovanni was killed in a car accident in the 1930's.

Carmela Paolucci Luongo shortly after she immigrated to the States.

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  1. Some time in the past yuo have a family in Colombia? one Giulia Luongo died in Bogotá in August of 1957, i want a now his relation whit Lacorazza or Stella family.....



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