14 August 2010

Our New Domenico Cousins!

Jan with Austin and Logan.  Aren't they adorable?!

So ... it sounds like Jan had a great trip to MA... and even managed to find time to hook up with some of our other Yankee cugini.  Thanks for sharing these great pics, Jan! :-)

Jan's granddaughter Reaghan resting up before her ballet recital.

Cugini Jeff DeSantis and Dick Domenico

With "Yenta" Jan, the family matchmaker ;-)

And last, but definitely not least ...cugina Carole ... who seems a little nervous at being so close to those two sweet little sleeping bundles ;-)

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  1. I was disappointed to not be able to visit with Bob's family while I was in Boston, so being able to meet up with his big brother was good. I was so glad to meet both Jeff and Carole who were accommodating enough to come to me. This was such a nice way of making all this research much more personal and real.

    Family history is all about the people in the past who have contributed to who we are now, and it is a privilege to get to know those of you who have made this association possible. Even though my roots are quite different from yours, I have come to love these people as though they are mine. When I'm working on their records, I know that there are times when they are standing over my shoulder making corrections.

    It has been a joy to contribute what little I can, but most importantly, I have come to know a dedicated group of people who are doing everything in their power to preserve their family records while they still exist. Keep up the good work!


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