31 August 2010

Passport Application: Clamanzio Celestino Ardolino (1870)

Clamanzio Celestino Ardolino 1922

Celestino Ardolino was born 5 November 1870 in Torre le Nocelle to Giovanni Antonio Ardolino and Fiorita de Minico.  He is the older brother of the more noted Eduardo (Edward) Ardolino.

Celestino married Caterina Vozella on 30 April 1894 in Torre.  The couple had eight children: Giovanni Maria (1895-1917), Angelo Americo (1899-1982), Giuseppa (1901-1993), Arthur (1903), Elena (1905), Luisa (1909), Lydia (1911) and Clarence (1913).

1922 U.S. Passport Application

Passport #222383
Filed: 29 September 1922 in Newark NJ
Issued: 8 October 1922
Name: Clamanzio Celestino Ardolino
Birth: 5 December (November) 1870 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Father: Giovanni Ardolino, born in Italy, residing in Metuchen NJ
Emigration: 15 July 1891 from Naples
Naturalization: 30 January 1911 in Boston MA
Residence: Metuchen NJ
Occupation: Sculptor
Travel Plans: Business trip to Italy leaving 2 October 1922 from the port of NY on board the Guilio Cesare
Witness: Thomas Mazzano, 15 Terry St., Newark NJ


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