05 August 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Angelo Raffaele Garofano (1885)

Certificate of Arrival

Petition for Naturalization # 91625 Filed 21 April 1927 in Boston MA
Name: Angelo Raffaele Garofano
Residence: 140 Pratt St. Mansfield MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 4 July 1888 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Declaration of Intention: #17437 Filed 18 August 1921 in Taunton MA
Wife: Maria, born in Italy, residing in Mansfield
Children: (all residing in Mansfield)
Teresa, born 26 November 1911 in Italy
Louisa, born 9 September 1914 in Mansfield
Carmine, born 13 March 1916 in Mansfield
Pasqualina, born 2 March 1918 in Mansfield
Angiolina, born 26 September 1920 in Mansfield
Witness: Michael E. Fredo, attorney, Arlington
Witness: Joseph Musto, laborer, Mansfield
Date of Admission: 25 July 1927
Certificate of Naturalization #: 2635957

Declaration of Intention
Petition for Naturalization


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