28 August 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Florindo Achille Capone (1894)

Record of Honorable Discharge - Florindo Achille Capone

Florindo Achille Capone was born 1 September 1894 in Montemiletto, Italy.  He was naturalized on 15 April 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Below is his Petition for Naturalization from Footnote.

Petition for Naturalization #31257
Filed: 15 April 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA as an honorably discharged soldier
Name: Florindo Achille Capone
Residence: 7115 Kelley St. (rear) Pittsburgh PA
Occupation: Waiter
Birth: 1 September 1894 in Montemiletto, Italy
Emigration: Princess Irene - Napoli to New York - 10 April 1910
Spouse: Tachella, (Rachele) born 19 July 1901 in Italy, resides in Pittsburgh
Witness: John L. Thomas, agent, Pittsburgh
Witness: Hilary Badolato, shoemaker, Pittsburgh
Date of Admission: 15 April 1920
Certificate #: 1283586
Note: Enlisted U.S. Army, Camp Sherman on 3 September 1918. Serial # 3852936. 
Honorably discharged on 29 November (1918).

Petition for Naturalization

From Florindo's World War I draft registration I learned that he was residing at 531 N. Homewood Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA and working as a waiter at the Hotel McCarthy ... same address.

WWI Draft Registration

The 1920 federal census shows the newly married Florindo living with his brother Michele and family at 5117 Fleury Way in Pittsburgh.  

By 1930 the family has grown by four children and a maid, and has relocated  to 2326 Susquehanna St. where Florindo is now proprietor of his own restaurant. (Go, Florindo!) Also living with them is brother Luis Capone who is working at the restaurant as a waiter.

Next up is his World War II draft registration which lists the location of Florindo's restaurant at none other than 531 Homewood Ave.... the very place where he started his American journey as a waiter.  The great American dream ... accomplished.

 WWII Draft Registration

Children of Florindo and Rachele (surname possibly di Sessa):  Carmen (abt. 1922), Joseph (abt. 1923), Valentino (abt. 1927) and Virginia (abt. 1928).  Florindo died in December 1978 in Pittsburgh. Below is the building where the restaurant used to be.

531 Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh PA


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