01 August 2010

Research Request: Beniamino Todesca (1883)

 Birth Act of Beniamino Todesca

Hi, I am wondering if you can tell me anything about a Beniamino Todesca, who immigrated from Torre le Nocelle to Winchester, MA. He was a firefighter. I am his great-grandson. My grandmother is Palma Todesca (living), who has the sisters Emily, Georgianna, and Anita, and brother Ben (all deceased). Palma was born in Winchester and now resides in Medford, MA. Any help is appreciated.

 Hello!  I think I can help you out ;-)  Up above is Beniamino's birth act.  He was born 10 February 1883 in the family home on Strada San Mercurio (in the countryside of Torre) to Leopoldo Todesca and Angela Cefalo.  As far as I can tell, Beniamino only had two siblings - Rosa (1876-1892) and Emilia Rosalia (1876).

Beniamino arrived at the port of Naples on 5 April 1900 on board the EMS.  Here's a link to the post containing his manifest.  

He married Caterina Nutile (or Nutillo, depending on the document) on 2 July 1905 in Boston and the couple quickly settled in Winchester.  The 1914 death of their infant son Leopoldo puts them at 61 Florence St. ... and from about 1918 on they lived at 45 Tremont St.

Beniamino and Caterina had nine children:  
Angelina - 12 June 1906 (aka Helen A. in the 1920 Census)
Filomena - 11 June 1908 (aka Florence)
Emilia - 12 June 1910
Leopoldo - 14 November 1912 to 3 July 1913
Giorgia - 6 October 1914 (aka Georgianna)
Anita - 17 March 1917
Beniamino - 11 April 1919 (aka Benjamin)
Catherine - abt. 1922
and your grandmother, Palma. (As she's alive, I won't post her birth info.)

Beniamino filed his Declaration of Intention on 6 October 1914 in Boston (photo's below - click to enlarge) and was naturalized on 25 April 1921.

1914 Declaration of Intention

1920 Petition for Naturalization

Petition Index

His birth is always shown as 11 February, but he was actually born on the 10th at 10:07 pm.

Here's a four generation pedigree chart for Beniamino's father Leopoldo ...

and for his mother, Angela Cefalo ....

I'd be delighted if you had a photo of Beniamino or your grandmother that you'd be willing to share with us!  You can email me directly here.



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