25 September 2010

1892 Boston Massachusetts Death Index

1892 Boston Death Index Volume: 429 Page: 60
Entry: 1380
Name: Valerio G Domenico (m)
Death: 7 February 1892
Age: 2 years 4 months
Cause of Death: Acute Bronchitis, 6 days
Residence: 2 Landers Court, Boston MA
Father: Giovanni Domenico*, born in Italy
Mother: Sarafina Struciera**, born in Italy
*Giovanni de Minico born 10 February 1851 in Torre le Nocelle
** Serafina Strozziero born 27 October 1859 in Taurasi.


  1. THANK YOU for finding the one child I knew was out there but couldn't locate! They had 2 children who died young, a daughter in an influenza epidemic, and a son, who may have been a twin. You're finding all sorts of pearls, Carm!


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