11 September 2010

1920 Federal Census: Boston Massachusetts

North Margin St., Boston MA

The families below were found in the 1920 Federal Census of Boston, MA.  Ward 5, Enumeration District 96 ... in case you were wondering.

Sheet: 1A

Line 14: Capone, Giuseppe, head, age 29, teamster
(Giuseppe was born 27 June 1890 in Montemiletto.)

Line 15: Capone, Rose, wife, age 27, born Avellino, Italy

Line 16: Capone, Armando, son, age 7 years 10 months

Line 17: Capone, Tony, son, age 6 years 3 months

Sheet: 2B
Residence: 19 Thatcher Street
Line 89: Ardolino, Emilio, head, age 42, shoemaker in a factory
(Born 4 March 1876 in Torre le Nocelle to Palmarino Ardolino and Maria Angela de Minico.)

Line 90: Ardolino, Leonora, wife, age 42,
(Born 29 December 1875 in Torre le Nocelle to Angelo Raffaele Sabbato del Grosso and Maria Consiglia Froncillo.)

Sheet: 11A
Line 1: Colella, Angelo, head, age 37, candy factory worker
(Angelo was born 1 September 1880 in Montemiletto.)

Line 2: Colella, Grazia, wife, age 30

Line 3: Colella, Manuela, daughter, age 12

Line 4: Colella, Pasqualina, daughter, age 11

Line 5: Colella, Maria, daughter, age 7

Line 6: Colella, Pasquale, son, age 3 years 6 months

Line 7: Colella, Angelina, daughter, age 2 years 1 month

Sheet: 11B
Residence: 152 Prince Street
Line 61: Colella, Ciriaco, head, age 31, candy maker in factory
(Born circa 1886 in Italy to Bernardo Colella and Erminia d'Amato.)

Line 62: Colella, Elizabetta, wife, age 27
(Born 9 November 1890 in Torre le Nocelle to Francesco Filippo la Torella and Carmela Musto.)

Line 63: Colella, Bernardo, son, age 7

Line 64: Colella, Maria, daughter, age 5

Sheet: 11B
Residence: 148.5 Prince Street

Line 85: La Torella, Ciriaco, head, age 31, shoe worker in a factory
(Ciriaco Ernesto was born 25 July 1888 in Torre le Nocelle.  He is the older brother of the Elizabetta Colella above.)

Line 86: La Torella, Antonia, wife, age 33
(Antonia was born circa 1886 in Italy to Pasquale Colella and Emanuela Nardone.)

Line 87: La Torella, Philip, son, age 8

Line 88: La Torella, Pasquale, son, age 6

Line 89: La Torella, Alfred, brother, age 26, tailor
(Born Manfredi Carlo La Torella in Torre le Nocelle on 16 May 1893.)

Line 90: La Torella, Pasqualina, sister, candy worker in factory
(Born 1895 in Torre le Nocelle.)

Sheet: 11B
Residence: 148.5 Prince Street
Line 91: Musto, Domenico, head, age 36, barber
(Born 1883 in Montemiletto to Michele Musto and Filomena Micera.)

Line 92: Musto, Teresa, wife, age 36
(Maiden name Camuso.  Teresa and Domenico were married 22 February 1904 in Boston.)

Line 93: Musto, Michael, son, age 15, errand boy for a tailor shop

Line 94: Musto, Filomena, daughter, age 11

Line 95: Musto, Daniel, son, age 9

Line 96: Musto, Nunziata, daughter, age 7

Line 97: Musto, Emilia, daughter, age 5

Line 98: Musto, Leonora, daughter, age 2

Line 99: Musto, Filomena, mother, age 62, widowed
(Maiden name Micera, widow of Michele Musto.)

Line 100: Musto, Angelo, brother, age 50, street laborer

Sheet: 12A
Residence: 148.5 Prince Street
Line 1: Colella, Pasquale, head, age 72, grocer

Line 2: Colella, Manuela, wife, age 64
(Parents of Antonia La Torella above and Carmela di Iorio below.)

Sheet: 12A
Residence: 148.5 Prince Street
Line 3: Di Iorio, Carmine, head, age 28, barber
(Born 1892 in Italy to Giuseppangelo Di Iorio and Maria Colella.)

Line 4: Di Iorio, Carmela, wife, age 28
(Born 1892 to Pasquale Colella and Emanuela Nardone above.)

Line 5: Di Iorio, Iolanda, daughter, age 5

Line 6: Di Iorio, Joseph, son, age 1 year 7 months

Sheet: 18A
Residence: 65 North Margin Street
Line 10: Ardolino, Achille, head, age 63, barber
(Born on 3 December 1856 in Torre le Nocelle to Carmine Giovanni Ardolino and Maria Grazia Capone.)

Line 11: Ardolino, Carmela, wife, age 62
(Born 19 December 1856 in Torre le Nocelle to Ciriaco Arcangelo Cassano and Rosaria la Torella.)

Line 12: Ardolino, Angelina, daughter, age 20, factory shoe worker

Line 13: Cefalo, Arthur, nephew, age 12
(Arthur is actually the grandson of Achille and Carmela.  He is the son of Nicolangelo Cefalo, born 1882 and Silvia Ardolino, born 1892 .. both in Torre le Nocelle.)

Sheet: 19A
Residence: 79 North Margin Street

Line 23: Ardolino, Margaret, head, age 37, widowed
(Born 1881 in Italy to Dionisco Guarente and Angelica Tierrimonte.  Margaret was the widow of Carmine Ardolino born 25 January 1882 in Torre le Nocelle.  Carmine's parents were Achille and Carmina Ardolino above.)

Line 24: Ardolino, Michael, son, age 16, candy worker in a factory

Line 25: Ardolino, Ernest, son, age 13

Line 26: Ardolino, James, son, age 12

Line 27: Ardolino, Fred, son, age 10

Line 28: Ardolino, Carmela, daughter, age 8

Line 29: Ardolino, Americo, son, age 6

And the candy company many of them worked for?  None other than the New England Confectionery Company (Better known as NECCO) located at 254 Massachusetts Ave. in Boston.

1927 Boston Business Directory

Necco Building 1927

Which is now the home of the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research.

Lest you forget all the goodies that were made in that building ;-)


  1. In his book "The Boston Italians", Stephen Puleo cites historian William DeMarco that Avellinese "inhabited the Sheafe Street-Copps Hil area, as well as North Square" (pp 69-70). Which may help explain why my mother's Zia Silvia lived to the age of 99 without ever learning English while living on Sheafe Street.

  2. @BeardedManInAHat

    So, Mr. Jeff ... want to help me transcribe the census records for Sheafe Street? I see so many names from Torre that I don't even know where to begin :-)


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