22 September 2010

Passport Application: Albert Capone (1893)

Albert Capone 1920

U.S. Passport Application #160510
Date of Application: 12 January 1920
Passport Issued: 19 January 1920
Name: Albert Capone
Birth: 16 June 1883 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Father: Angelo Capone, born in Italy, currently residing in Montemiletto
Emigration: 11 April 1900 from Naples
Residence:  Between 1900-1920 uninterruptedly in New York, Boston and Lowell
Naturalization: 19 June 1911 - Superior Court of Worcester County at Fitchburg MA
Permanent Residence: Lowell MA
Occupation: Barber
Reason For Travel: To see relatives in Italy.
Witness: Domenico Gallucci, naturalized citizen residing in Boston, has known Albert for fifteen years.
Applicant requests passport be sent to 726 Lakeview Ave, Lowell MA

1920 U.S. Passport Application


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