30 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Ciriaco "Charles" Pizzano (1893)

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Ciriaco Pizzano was born 23 January 1893 in Torre le Nocelle to Leopoldo Pizzano and Filomena Capone.  He married Emma Ciampa of Taurasi on 18 October 1919 in Boston MA.

Petition for Naturalization #67339
Filed: 2 February 1923 in Boston MA
Name: Charles Pizzano
Residence: 36 Claremon St. Somerville MA
Occupation: Wood Carver
Birth: 23 January 1893 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Canopic - Napoli to Boston - 24 June 1904
Declaration of Intention: #48603 Filed 26 February 1916 in Boston

Spouse: Emma, born 22 August 1898 in Taurasi
Child: Filomena, born 2 August 1920 in Somerville MA

Witness: Emilius R Ciampa, sculptor, Boston
Witness: Frank V. Colson, artist, Boston
Date of Admission: 19 June 1923
Certificate #: 1792570

 Petition For Naturalization

Charles is also mentioned on pages 624 and 625 of "Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts."


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