02 September 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Errico Pizzano (1887)

1923 Passport Photo

Enrico Pizzano was born Errico Pizzano on 26 December 1887 in Torre le Nocelle to Leopoldo Pizzano and Filomena Capone.  Below is Errico's birth certificate.

Birth Act of Errico Pizzano

#65 Filed 27 December 1887
Name: Errico Pizzano
Birth: 26 December 1887 at 8:00pm, nella casa posta in Strada Piazza
Father: Leopoldo Pizzano, 28, falegname
Mother: Filomena Capone, sua legittima moglie
Sindaco: Clemente Penna

And his Petition for Naturalization ...

Petition for Naturalization

Petition For Naturalization #52523
Filed: 2 June 1920 in Boston MA
Name: Enrico Pizzano
Residence: 23 Watts St., Chelsea MA
Occupation: Machinist
Birth: 20 December 1887 in the province of Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Umbria - Napoli to New York - 17 September 1901
Declaration of Intention: #37058 Filed 20 November 1914 in Boston MA
Marital: Single
Witness: A. Arthur Capone, student, Chelsea MA
Witness: Alexander J. Drinkwater, real estate, Chelsea MA
Date of Admission: 28 September 1920
Certificate #: 1469327

And his 1923 U.S. passport application ...

Passport Application

U.S. Passport Application #332622
Filed: 13 August 1923 in Boston MA
Issued: 15 August 1923
Name: Enrico Pizzano
Birth: 20 December 1887 in Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Italy
Residence: 23 Watts St. Chelsea MA
Occupation: Machinist
Spouse: Benevenuta, born in Italy
Daughter: Emma Maria, born 5 September 1921 in Chelsea MA
Emigration: 4 September 1901 from Naples
Naturalization: 28 September 1920 in Boston MA

And his World War II draft registration card ...

WWII Draft Registration Chelsea MA Board #50 Serial # U-2280
Date: 26 April 1942
Name: Henry Enrico Pizzano
Residence: 42 Eden St., Chelsea MA
Age: 54
Birth: 20 December 1887 in Avellino, Italy
Contact: Mrs. Benevenuto Pizzano at 42 Eden St.
Employer: Chelsea Clock Company, Everett Ave., Chelsea MA
Physical: 5'1", 162 lbs., scars on right cheek and left eye, missing middle finger on right hand.

Geez ... I wonder what the story is with the missing finger?  But wait!  Google maps says the Chelsea Clock Company is still there.  If I close my eyes I can almost see Enrico going up the front steps to work ... brown paper lunch bag in hand :-)


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