07 September 2010

Ship Manifest: Werra - Napoli to New York - 19 May 1897

Werra 1882-1903

Werra - Napoli to New York
19 May 1897

This manifest doesn't specify the towns, but the passengers from Torre le Nocelle are in bold.

List: L12
Line 25: Cefalo, Giuseppe, age 50
Line 26: Iarrobino, Pasquale, age 33
Line 28: Colarusso, Antonio, age 21
Line 29: De Luca, Luigi, age 36
Line 30: Volpe, Carmina, age 36

List: M13
Line 13: Frongillo, Andrea, age 35
Line 14: Capone, Luigi, age 20
Line 15: Capone, Beniamino, age 28, sculptor
Line 16: wife Maria, age 27
Line 17: Sullo, Salvatore, age 29, sculptor
Line 18: wife De Minico, Pasqualina, age 19

Line 19: Mazzariello, Sabato, age 29, barber

List: O15
Line 20: Palumbo, Andrea, age 42
Line 22: Tedesco, Antonia, age 29
Line 23: daughter Maria Giuseppa, age 1

List: U21
Line 5: Sullo, Giuseppe, age 27, porter
Line 6: wife Del Grosso, Lucia, age 27
Line 7: daughter Basilia, age 3
Line 8: daughter Maria Grazia, age 2

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  1. I wonder about the Pasquale Iarrobino age 33, listed above. My grandfather, Pasquale Iarrobino, born in May,1884, was only 13 at time this ship sailed, and didn't emigrate until 1900 on the SS.Trave. Torre birth records seem to list no Pasquale Iarrobino except my grandfather in the latter half of the 19th century. There was a Pasqualina, but somehow I doubt that anyone would have confused my grandfather with her. I guess the simplest explanation is that a shipboard clerical error changed 13 to 33 and for some reason he was booked on the ship but didn't board it.


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