03 October 2010

1898 Boston Massachusetts Death Index

1898 Boston Death Index Volume: 483 Page: 239

Geez ... this is a sad one.  I'm guessing Salvatore was born in Montemiletto, as that is where his younger brother Flaminio was born.  I wonder what the reason was?

Entry: 4368
Name: Salvatore Colella
Death: 30 May 1898 at Police Station #1
Residence: 26 Prince St.
Age: 31, born in Italy
Marital: Single
Occupation: Barber
Parents: Bernardo Colella and Maddalena Capone
Cause of Death: Suicide - pistol shot

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  1. I hope you conduct a social research and don't stop with the police reports. More information may be out there.
    Good luck.


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