07 October 2010

Gemelli - The Twins of Torre

Austin and Logan Rizzo from the Domenico line

The Twins (and Triplets) of Torre le Nocelle

~ Twins ~

12 August 1692
Anastasia Vozella
Antonio Costantino Vozella
Parents: Michelangelo and Diana Cefalo

Antonia di Iorio
Porzia di Iorio
Parents: Giuseppe and Isabella Remellino

June 1706
Alessandro di Iorio
Vittoria di Iorio
Parents: Pietro and Lucia Caterina Todesca

January 1707
Carmine Cefalo
Giovanna Cefalo
Parents: Vincenzo and Anastasia Brogna

January 1711
Anna Maria Petriello
Ciriaco Antonio Petriello
Parents: Francesco Petriello and Cattarina Addemanda

22 January 1725
Sebastiano Domenico de Angelis
Apollonia Cecilia de Angelis
Parents: Antonio and Lucia de Sanctis

9 October 1725
Nicola di Iesu
Teresa Maria di Iesu
Parents: Giovanbattista and Giovanna Vozella

25 February 1726
Caterina Todesca
Filippo Todesca
Parents: Giovanni and Annuccia Iarrobino

27 February 1726
Feliciana Petriello
Serafina Petriello
Parents: Paolo and Rosa Lombardi

2 December 1733
Rosa Maria di Iorio
Cattarina Saveria di Iorio
Parents: Giovanni and Anna Melisci

11 February 1735
Apollonia di Iorio
Lucia di Iorio
Parents: Aurelio and Chiara Cirignano

5 July 1736
Clemente Garofano
Marciano Garofano
Parents: Giulio and Giovanna Todesca

5 September 1736
Angela Vozella
Caradonia Vozella
Parents: Michelangelo and Giovanna di Iorio

5 November 1736
Angela Petriello
Stella Petriello
Parents: Giovanni Antonio and Giovanna Fiorentina

December 1742
Andrea Cardillo
Petronilla Cardillo
Parents: Pietro Angelo and Rosa Cefalo

Colomba di Fronzo
Palma di Fronzo
Parents: Carlo Biage and Lucia de Angelis

12 January 1813
Giuseppe de Roma
Angela de Roma
Parents: Pietro and Carmina Cefalo

8 April 1814
Angela la Ragione
Maria Giuseppa la Ragione
Parents: Carmine and Antonia Rubicco

11 April 1814
Maria de Minico
Rosa de Minico
Parents: Libera de Minico (father unknown)

14 January 1816
Angela Capobianco
Vincenzo Capobianco
Parents: Ciriaco and Nicoletta Vozella

24 November 1816
Fortunata Penna
Fortunato Carlo Penna
Parents: Errico and Angela Rosa Cefalo

21 September 1817
Carmina Bianchino
Tommaso Bianchino
Parents: Stefano Bianchino and Angela Giardiello

28 December 1818
Maria Candida Magno
Maria Maddalena Magno
Parents: Francescantonio and Adriana Annunziata

25 May 1819
Carmina Parletta
Giuseppe Parletta
Parents: Liberato and Angela Maria Cirignano

6 March 1820
Gabriele de Minico
Pasquale de Minico
Parents: Antonio Maria and Maddalena Tommasina Gubitosa

11 November 1821
Addonizio Russo
Domenico Russo
Parents: Pietro and Giuseppa Bevilacqua

23 December 1823
Alessio Ardolino
Pasquale Ardolino
Parents: Angelo Maria and Maria Teresa Cefalo

28 December 1826
Angela Garofano
Giovanna Garofano
Parents: Giuseppe and Antonia di Iorio
(This couple had two sets of twins.)

6 April 1827
Filippo Tafuri
Giuseppe Tafuri
Parents: Giovanbattista and Angela Luongo

30 May 1828
Angelo Cirignano
Giuseppe Cirignano
Parents: Carlantonio Cirignano and Angela Froncillo

21 February 1830
Alessandro Maria Bevilacqua
Marco Vincenzo Bevilacqua
Parents: Ciriaco Bevilacqua and Maria Cardillo

21 April 1830
Carmine de Angelis
Angelo de Angelis
Parents: Alessandra de Angelis
(Their father was an Ardolino, but I'm not sure which one yet.)

1 March 1831
Michele la Torella
Nicola la Torella
Parents: Vincenzo and Maria Michele de Minico

6 July 1836
Carmine de Minico
Saveria de Minico
Parents: Giovanni and Marianna Cefalo

9 January 1838
Agostino Cefal0
Carmine Cefalo
Parents: Antonio and Angela dell'Aquila

6 May 1840
Francesco Garofano
Giovanni Garofano
Parents: Giuseppe and Antonia di Iorio
(This couple had two sets of twins.)

4 June 1842
Celesta Vozella
Maria Vozella
Parents: Carlo Vozella and Beatrice Tecce

2 November 1845
Lucido Bevilacqua
Saverio Bevilacqua
Parents: Emanuele and Angela Maria Bevilacqua

30 May 1851
Prasseda Bianchino
Ferdinando Bianchino
Parents: Sabbato and Angela Maria Lombardi

16 February 1856
Angelo Mariano de Minico
Raffaele de Minico
Parents: Michele de Minico and Giroloma Magno

9 September 1852
Carmina Pizzano
Maria Pizzano
Parents: Ciriaco and Alessandra Vozella

8 January 1857
Virgilio Sullo
Achille Sullo
Parents: Carmine and Carolina Ardolino

18 May 1857
Carmine Iarrobino
Orsola Iarrobino
Parents: Pasquale and Carmina Cardillo

7 July 1858
Federigo di Iorio
Nicola di Iorio
Parents: Angelo di Iorio and Mariangela d'Ambrosio

20 May 1864
Francesco Cirignano
Maria Cristina Cirignano
Parents: Giovanbattista and Catarina la Torella

14 September 1871
Angela Luongo
Raffaella Luongo
Parents: Giovanni and Nicolina de Angelis

13 November 1872
Domenicantonio Garofano
Maria Carmina Garofano
Parents; Giovanni and Domenica Rosaria Tafuri

17 September 1874
Giulietta Rotondi
Romeo Rotondi
Parents: Luigi and Michelina de Angelis

2 July 1881
Pasquale Iarrobino
Pietro Iarrobino
Luca and Maria Grazia Petriello

18 March 1886
Giuseppangelo Centrella
Alfonso Centrella
Angelo Raffaele and Giuditta Frisella

18 February 1887
Alfredo Pizzano
Camillo Pizzano
Parents: Vincenzo and Angela de Cristofaro

1 October 1892
Alessandra dello Iacono
Teresa dello Iacono
Parents: Giuseppe and Maria de Minico

3 October 1892 (Boston)
Domenico de Minico
Gaetano de Minico
Parents: Giovannino and Serafina Strozziero

20 February 1897
Carmine Ciriaco dello Iacono
Nunzia dello Iacono
Parents: Carmine and Generosa Ruotolo

16 September 1897
Samuele de Marco
Angelo de Marco
Parents: Alessandro and Rosa Strozziero

12 August 1899 (Boston)
Genoeffa di Iorio
Antoniella di Iorio
Parents: Giuseppe and Maria Grazia de Cristofaro

2 December 1899
Amalia Bianchino
Filomena Bianchino
Parents: Ciriaco Stefano and Maria Emanuella de Minico

26 December 1899 (Boston)
Errico Froncillo
Gennarino Froncillo
Parents: Andrea and Anna Maria d'Ambrosio

Antonia Vozella
Giuseppe Vozella
Parents: Florindo Pasquale and Maria Virgilia Giuseppa Pascucci

15 June 1900 (Boston)
Julio Capone
Tancredi Capone
Parents: Ermalindo Domenico Capone and Maria Grazia dello Iacono

~ Triplets ~

Lucia Andrea Cirignano (17 October 1735)
Domenico Cirignano (20 October 1735)
Serafino Cirignano (20 October 1735)
Parents: Pietro and Porzia di Iorio
*Pietro remarried just over a year later so I'm assuming Porzia didn't survive that long labor.

18 October 1835
Anna de Cristofaro
Carlo de Cristofaro
Rosa de Cristofaro
Parents: Vincenzo Antonio and Maria Rosaria Russo

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  1. When someone has twins, the first comment is almost always, "Do twins run in the family?" My initial answer was "no," but after seeing this list, I probably need to revise my answer! Austin and Logan are a constant source of delight and have provided me with targets upon which to bestow endless love.


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