15 October 2010

Giuseppa (Josephine) Sullo - Marrone (1884)

 Birth Act of Giuseppa Sullo

Giuseppa Sullo was born at 2:30 am on the morning of 29 November 1884 in Torre le Nocelle to Achille Sullo, a carpenter and Maria Filomena Ardolino.

She emigrated to the States on 27 April 1904 on board the Republic from Naples to Boston.  You'll find the post for that particular manifest here.  She was headed to her father Achille at 84 Swanton Street in Winchester, MA.

On 23 October 1906 she entered into holy wedded bliss (hokay, perhaps just wishful thinking on my part, but the coffee's hot, the air is crisp and it's too early in the day for anyone to have screwed it up yet, so I'm gonna' go with it) with Giuseppe Marrone of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.  1906 Boston marriage index below.

Groom: Joseph Marrone
Age: 26, born in Italy
Occupation: Bricklayer
Address: 98 Prince St.
Marital: 1st
Father: Antonio Marrone
Mother: Maria Darma

Bride: Josephine Sullo
Age: 23, born in Italy
Occupation: None
Address: 98 Prince St.
Marital: 1st
Father: Achille Sullo
Mother: Filomena Ardolino

1906 Boston Marriage Index p.269

A few short years later, little Maria Antonietta arrives.

1909 Boston Birth Index Volume: 585 Page: 232
Entry: 10424
Name: Maria Antonietta Marrone
Birth: 25 October 1909 at 156 Salem St., Boston MA
Residence: Winchester
Father: Giuseppe Marrone, stone mason, born in Italy
Mother: Josie Sullo, born in Italy
Followed by Filomena...

1911 Dedham MA Birth Index Volume: 600 Page: 35
Entry: 129
Name: Filomena Marrone
Birth: 19 July 1911
Father: Giuseppe Marrone, contractor, born in Italy
Mother: Giuseppina Sullo, born in Italy
Then Mario, born 2 November 1913 in Italy (probably Torre) and Americo Achille ...

1915 Winchester MA Birth Index Volume: 629 Page: 967
Entry: 99
Name: Americo Achille Marrone
Birth: 20 June 1915
Residence: Winchester
Father: Joseph Marrone, mason, born in Italy
Mother: Josephine Sullo, born in Italy

The 1910 census finds the family living at 3 Holland Street in Winchester, MA.

Line 30: Marrone, Joseph, head, age 30, married for 3 years, emigrated 1903, alien, stone mason
Line 31: Marrone, Josephine, wife, age 25
Line 32: Marrone, daughter (not yet named), age 5 months

3 Holland Street, Winchester

By 1920 they've purchased a little house just up the street at 19 Holland Street.

Line 87: Marrone, Joseph, head, age 39, married, emigrated 1904, naturalized 1917, building contractor - stone and cement
Line 88: Marrone, Josephine, wife, age 35, emigrated 1905
Line 89: Marrone, Antonetta, daughter, age 10
Line 90: Marrone, Philomena, daughter, age 8
Line 91: Marrone, Mario, son, age 7
Line 92: Marrone, Americo, son,  age 4 years 6 months

 1920 Winchester MA Census District 532 Sheet 12b

Here's a prettier view of Holland Street.  It's actually right around the corner 
from Swanton Street - where Giuseppa first settled with her father.

And in 1930 we find they've moved to 5 Marion Street, also in Winchester.

Line 17: Marroni, Joseph, head, age 50, married at age 27, emigrated 1907, naturalized, masonry contractor
Line 18: Marroni, Josephine, wife, age 45, married at age 22, emigrated 1904, naturalized
Line 19: Marroni, Antoinette, daughter, age 20, single, banking bookkeeper
Line 20: Marroni, Philomena, daughter, age 19, single, banking bookkeeper
Line 21: Marroni, Mario, son, age 17, born in Italy, emigrated 1912, naturalized, mason
Line 22: Marroni, Americo, son, age 14

Some time after March 1913 Giuseppa takes a trip home to Torre.  Perhaps she was returning to visit family and didn't yet realize she was pregnant, but she gives birth to Mario there and returns to the States with one more child than she went over with. 

I can't imagine spending two weeks cooped up on a boat with an infant and two toddlers ...  the woman must have had the patience of Job.

Canopic - Napoli to Boston - 7 July 1914
List: 12
Line: 4
Name: Sullo-Marrone, Giuseppa
Age: 29
Marital: Married
Last Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Relative: Father Achille in Torre le Nocelle
Destination: Husband Giuseppe Marrone at 35 Oak St., Winchester MA
Previous Travel: 1902-1913 in MA

Line 5: Marrone, Mario, age 7 months
Line 6: Marrone, Filomena, age 3 years 9 months, born in Dedham
Line 7: Marrone, Antonietta, age 4 years, 11 months, born in Boston

Last, but not least we have the naturalization petition of Giuseppe "Joseph" Marrone.

Petition For Naturalization # 57241
Filed: 25 February 1921 in Boston MA
Name: Giuseppe Marrone
Residence: 19 Holland St., Winchester MA
Occupation: Brick Mason
Birth: 19 March 1879 in Teramo, Italy
Emigration: "St. Louis" - Southampton, England to New York - 25 August 1913
Declaration of Intention: #87474 Filed 16 November 1918 in Boston, MA

Wife: Josephine, born in Italy, resides in Winchester
Children: (All reside in Winchester)
1. Antonietta, born 25 October 1909 in Boston
2. Filomena, born 19 July 1911 in Dedham
3. Mario, born 2 November 1913 in Italy
4. Americo, born 20 June 1915 in Winchester

Witness: Marcellino Finciello, laborer, Winchester
Witness: Vincenzo Barbaro, contractor, Winchester
Date of Admission: 23 June 1921
Certificate #: 1593111

 1921 Petition for Naturalization

Giuseppe's 1925 Passport Photo


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