06 October 2010

Luigi Filiberto Bevilacqua aka Louis Philip Drinkwater (1885)

Birth Act of Luigi Filiberto Bevilacqua

Luigi Filiberto Bevilacqua was born 28 February 1885 in Torre le Nocelle to Teodoro and Maria Orsola Bevilacqua.  The photo above is from the Stato Civile acts of Torre.  Father Teodoro was from Torre le Nocelle, but mother Orsola was born in Montemiletto.

#17 Filed 2 Marzo 1885
Name: Luigi Filiberto Bevilacqua
Birth: 28 Febbraio 1885 alle ore anti meridiane otto e minuti quindici (8:15 a.m.), nella casa posta in Contrada Palazzo. (In the family home on Contrada Palazzo.)
Father: Teodoro Bevilacqua, 39, possidente (landowner)
Mother: Orsola Bevilacqua, sua legittima moglie (his legitimate wife)

He married Laoretta Palladino in Saint Leonard's Catholic Church in Boston on 5 May 1909.  Laoretta was born circa 1890 in Montemiletto to Felice Palladino (of Montemiletto) and Maria Cristina Aurelia Bevilacqua (of Torre le Nocelle).

 1909 Boston Marriage Index Volume: 589 Page: 88 Entry: 2015

Date of Marriage: 5 May 1909 in Boston
Priest: Wenceslaus Parenti, 14 North Bennet St.

Groom: "Luigia" F. Bevilacqua
Age: 24, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 3 Snowhill St.
Parents: Teodoro Bevilacqua and Orsola Bevilacqua

Bride: Laoretta Palladino
Age: 20, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Candy Maker
Residence: 3 Snowhill St.
Parents: Felice Palladino and "Crestina" Bevilacqua

Both Luigi's Declaration of Intention and Petition for Naturalization state he arrived in New York on board the Germanic on 10 April 1903, but darned if I can find him on the manifest.  There was a Luigi Bevilacqua on there, but he wasn't our Luigi. 

1912 Petition for Naturalization 

Petition for Naturalization #4471
Filed: 19 February 1912 in Boston MA
Name: Luigi Filiberto Bevilacqua
Residence: 56 School St. Melrose MA
Occupation: Contractor
Birth: 28 March 1885 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Germanic" - Napoli to New York - 10 April 1913
Declaration of Intention: Filed 26 January 1910 in Boston
Wife: Laura, born in Montemiletto, Italy
Son: Theodore A Bevilacqua, born 27 May 1911 in Melrose
Witness: Florindo Bevilacqua, barber, Chelsea
Witness: Salvatore Bevilacqua, contractor, Chelsea
Date of Admission: 10 June 1912
Certificate #: 26963

Since I couldn't find him on the Germanic I also gave the Germania a shot.  No luck with Bevilacqua, but did find three Frongillo's, a Gubitosa and a Ferraro from Montemiletto.  You can find them here.

I did, however find Luigi on a 1 July 1902 Cambroman manifest sailing from Naples to Boston, but his entire line was crossed out so he may have been delayed.

Shortly after their marriage Luigi and Laoretta settled in Melrose MA, first at 6 Crescent Place and from 1912 on at 56 School St.  Thank you again, Jeffrey for the Google map addiction ;-)

They had three children.  The first was a stillborn daughter in 1910. You'll notice their  surname has already been Americanized to Drinkwater.

1910 Melrose MA Death Volume: 1910/70 Page: 173 Registered Number: 79

Next came Theodore Alfredo (Fred) in 1911... we're back to using the Bevilacqua surname.

1911 Melrose MA Birth Index Volume: 599 Page: 681

And finally Louis Phillip in 1914... we've once again returned to Drinkwater.

1914 Melrose MA Birth Index Volume: 623 Page: 756 Entry: 47

It was interesting to note how Luigi's first name and birth date bounced around a bit too.  In the 1920 census he was Phil Drinkwater, ditto for their daughter's death record.  In the 1930 census he is shown as Louis, then Luigi on son Theodore's birth record and Phillip on that of son Louis.

The date of birth on his naturalization petition was 28 March 1885, but his World War II draft registration shows the correct date of 28 February.

1942 Draft Registration Card

Luigi and his family appear on page 302 in "Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts."


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