14 October 2010

Passport Application: Giovannina Fina - Di Iorio (1876)

Giovannina Fina 1920

Giovannina's U.S. passport application says she was born 24 June 1876 in Torre le Nocelle.  Since her birth does not show in the civil records for Torre however, I'm more inclined to think she was born in nearby Montemiletto.  She married Flaminio di Iorio of Torre and they had at least one child, Antonio born 25 November 1899, who does show in the civil acts of Torre.  Giovannina's father was Ciriaco Fina.

Passport #18414
Application Filed: 15 April 1920 in Chelsea, MA
Issued 21 April 1920
Name: Giovannina di Iorio, wife of a naturalized citizen
Birth: 24 June 1876 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Spouse: Flaminio di Iorio
Address: 238 Fifth Ave. Chelsea MA
Husband Emigration: 1893 from Naples
Husband Naturalization: 3 November 1899 in Boston MA
Husband Residence: 1893-1920 in Boston and Chelsea MA
Wife Residence: 28 or 29 April 1903 to 15 April 1920 in Chelsea MA
Reason For Travel:  "My mother being dangerously ill and I wish to see her for maybe the last time as per her own desire."
Applicant plans to travel on board the Canopic, leaving from the port of New York sometime in the month of May, returning to the States within four months.

Oath was translated  and witnessed by Louisa P. Ardolino, naturalized citizen, occupation Italian Immigrant Soc. Agent, residing at 119 Chestnut St. Chelsea MA and has personally known applicant for fifteen years.

 1920 U.S. Passport Application

Both of the documents below were attached to Giovannina's application, the first having been translated into English by Louisa Postal-Ardolino, wife of sculptor Emanuele Ardolino.

"Furthermore I let you know that your mother is in very much danger and wants to see you."

"I, the undersigned Louisa P. Ardolino, here certify that the above is a true translation made by me, of part of the attached letter, to the best of my knowledge and ability."

Louisa P. Ardolino
Boston MA  14 April 1920
Notary Public and Qualified Italian Interpreter and Translator

Identification and Witness Statement

Naturalization Index for husband Flaminio Di "Torio."  
Half the battle of locating these records online is in trying to uncover the many different ways the surnames were misspelled ;-)


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