28 October 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Ernesto Vespasiano Colella

 Petition for Naturalization

Petition For Naturalization #80951
Filed: 11 January 1926 in Boston, MA
Name: Ernesto Vespasiano Collella
Residence: 289 Riverside Drive, Medford, MA
Occupation: Shoe Worker
Birth: 6 July 1879 in Montemiletto, Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Roma" - Napoli to New York - November 1903
Declaration of Intention: #132920 filed 16 November 1922 in Boston
Wife: Maria, born in Italy, resides in Medford
Children: (All reside in Medford)
1. Luigi, born 6 May 1909 in Boston
2. Angelina, born April 1913 in Medford
3. Ernestina, born 9 July 1921 in Medford
Date of Admission: 3 May 1926
Certificate #: 2307542

 289 Riverside Drive, Medford, MA
I like to look at the houses and imagine what it like when these families still lived there.
Sigh ... I SO need a life outside of genealogy :-)


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