10 October 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Gennaro di Iorio (1889)

Gennaro di Iorio 1919 

Gennaro di Iorio was born 2 October 1889 in Torre le Nocelle to Pietrantonio di Iorio and Emanuella Petriello. For a short while he was an American citizen... then he came to his senses and moved back to Torre :-)

From Gennaro's 1919 U.S. passport application:
Passport Application #142692
Filed: 20 November 1919
Name: Gennaro di Iorio
Birth: 2 October 1889 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Father: Pietrantonio di Iorio, born and resides in Torre le Nocelle
Residence: Boston, MA
Occupation: Contractor
Emigration: 26 May 1909 from Naples
Naturalization: 10 November 1919 in Boston MA
Reason for travel: To settle estate in Italy.
Applicant desires passport sent to: Box 54, Hanover St. Post Office, Boston MA
Witness: Louisa P. Ardolino** at 119 Chestnut st., Chelsea MA.  Agent for the St. Raphael Italian Immigrants, business address at 357 Hanover St., Boston MA

**Louisa Ardolino, nee Postal was born 1869 in Austria to George Postal and Catherine Cavagnao.  She married sculptor Emanuele Ardolino (from Torre) on 29 April 1905 in Boston MA.  Her name keeps cropping up as a witness on many of the immigration records.  From what I can gather she was a translator, notary public and actively involved in several Italian immigrant societies in the Boston area.

 1919 Passport Application

And here's Gennaro in 1921, when he applied for a return passport in Naples.  I'm still hunting for a manifest for his return trip, but I'm thinking he probably decided to stay in Torre.

1921 Passport Photo

Application # 105326
Filed: 25 Nov 1921 at the U.S. Consulate in Napoli
Issued: 17 Dec 1921 in Naples
Name: Gennaro Di Iorio
Birth:  2 October 1889 in Torre Le Nocelle, Italy
Emigration:  May 1909 from Naples
Residence:  25 Sheafe St. Boston MA
Naturalization:  10 Nov 1919 in Boston MA
Temporary Residence: Torre le Nocelle from 12 December 1919 to present
Identifying Documents:
1.  Expired U.S. passport issued in Washington D.C. on 25 November 1921
2.  Naturalization Certificate # 1259444 issued 10 November 1919
U.S. Reference:  Brother Luis Di Iorio at 26 Sheafe St. Boston MA

1921 Passport Application

His petition for naturalization states there was an attached letter explaining why his U.S. citizenship was revoked ... but darned if I can find it.

Naturalization Index

Petition for Naturalization #23835
Filed: 9 October 1917 in Boston MA
Name: Gennaro di Iorio
Residence: 26 Sheafe St. Boston MA
Occupation: Laborer
Birth: 7 February 1899 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Canopic - Napoli to Boston - 8 June 1909
Declaration of Intention: #22414 filed 28 January 1913 in Boston MA
Marital: Single
Witness: Florindo Luongo, laborer, Boston
Witness: Anthony Cefalo, contractor, Boston
Date of Admission: 10 November 1919
Certificate #: 1259444
Cancelled: 24 March 1959 by J. McCarthy
Reason: Subject expatriated by residence abroad.

Petition for Naturalization

Oath of Allegiance


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