28 October 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Giovanni dello Iacono (1886)

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Petition for Naturalization #21999
Filed: 4 June 1917 in Boston, MA
Name: Giovanni Dello Iacono
Residence: 56 Damrell Avenue, Readville, Boston
Occupation: Freight Repairer
Birth: 23 June 1886 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Maria Teresa" - Napoli to New York - 23 April 1907
Declaration of Intention: #28067 filed 27 October 1913 in Boston under the name of John Dello Iacono

Wife: Erminia, born 10 March 1886 in Italy, resides in Boston
**Giovanni and Erminia were married on 23 February 1908 in Somerville MA.  You can find their marriage record here.
Children: (All live in Boston)
1. Assunta, born 3 July 1910 in Dedham
2. Julia, born 12 October 1911 in Boston
3. Alma M, born 13 February 1913 in Boston

Witness: Raffaele D Guarente, undertaker, Arlington, MA
Witness: Vincenzo Musto, bartender, Boston
Date of Admission: 17 March 1919
Certificate #: 1205353

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