01 October 2010

Petition For Naturalization: Orazio Bevilacqua (1879)

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Orazio was born 21 April 1879 on Contrada Pieschi in Torre le Nocelle to Ciriaco Bevilacqua and Maria Carmine Russo.  For some reason all of the U.S. records show a birth date of 10 April, but the Italian act definitely states 21 April at 7:20 am. 

Orazio and Luisa Froncillo (born 20 March 1874 in Torre) were married in Boston on 14 August 1899.  Orazio was a construction foreman and the 1910 and 1920 censuses show the family living at 16 Margaret Street in Boston.

16 Margaret Street, Boston MA

The couple had eight children: Ciriaco (Charles), Fiore Antonio (Anthony), Erminio, Carlo (Carlino), Alice, Liberato, Bertina (Beatrice / Elizabeth) and Edith (Ida).  Orazio became a U.S. citizen on 14 December 1925.

Petition For Naturalization #73414
Filed: 16 April 1924 in Boston MA
Name: Orazio Bevilacqua
Residence: 16 Margaret St.
Occupation: Foreman
Birth: 10 April 1879 in Torre "Bocella", Avellino, Italy
Emigration: Unknown Vessel - Napoli to New York - April 1893
Declaration of Intention: #127324 Filed 15 April 1922 in Boston

Wife: Louise, born 23 March 1876 in Italy, resides in Boston
Children: (All born and reside in Boston)
Ciriaco, born 23 August 1900
Antonio, born 10 October 1902
Erminio, born 27 March 1905
Alice, born 2 February 1910
Elizabeth, born 14 July 1914
Edith, born 10 October 1918

Witness: Michael Bevilacqua, clerk, Boston
Witness: Carmelo Ortoleva, laborer, Boston
Date of Admission: 14 December 1925
Certificate #: 2306233

Petition for Naturalization


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