20 October 2010

San Ciriaco Is Honored In Westboro Massachusetts (1903)

Boston Daily Globe 3 August 1903 p.17

 "Westboro - The festival of St. Ciriaco, patron saint of the province of Avellino, Italy, was held with an imposing demonstration at the grounds of J.D. Waters on East Main st. yesterday.  F. Leonard, leader, was in attendance.  There was also a fife and drum corps, Italian bagpipe and two flutes, and an orchestra from Boston.  The shrine of St. Ciriaco was adorned with a large portrait of the saint, surrounded by candles and flowers.  Rev Fr Boisette of Boston delivered a patriotic oration.  A barbecue was held at noon.  In the evening there was a display of fireworks, consisting of set pieces.  It is estimated that 5000 people (4,999 of 'em Torrese) were present."

Florindo tells me the feast of San Ciriaco was celebrated in the same manner in Torre 200 years ago.


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