16 October 2010

Sunday At Saint Leonard's Church In Boston

 Boston Daily Globe 5 February 1893

"Not In English Alone, But in Many Tongues is God Worshiped in Boston."

"In this capital of the Puritans God is worshiped every Sunday, not only in English, but as well in Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Armenian, and in one or two of the other dialects of the Baltic provinces, not to mention Hebrew and Russian employed on other days in synagogues.

Probably no other religious gathering today will offer a sight so picturesque and thoroughly foreign as the Italian congregation which meets in the church of St. Leonard of Port Morris on Prince St.

There gay colors and glittering ornaments of gold and silver abound on every hand, for the former subjects of Umberto are slow in discarding their bright national costumes.

It is a happy, animated throng that crowds the street after the devotions, many exhibiting that innate grace of movement and gesture so peculiar to the Italians.

Among the younger women more than one Madonna-faced mother can be seen with a curly headed infant nestling at her breast.

Yet one need not look very intently to observe traces of hardship and suffering in different faces.  The lot of the Italian immigrant is not always easy."


  1. I'm enjoying your on going series of posts on Boston and the North End.

  2. @Heather Rojo

    Thank you, Heather. I'm loving these old editions of the Boston Globe!



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