20 November 2010

1890 Boston Massachusetts Marriage Index

1890 Boston Marriage Index Page: 253
Entry: 4542
Date of Marriage: 13 November 1890
Groom: Vincenzo Capone
Age: 28, born in Italy
Occupation: Laborer
Parents: Raffaele and Maria
Bride: Pasqualina Lanzillo
Age: 19, born in Italy
Occupation: Tailoress
Parents: Luigi and Rufina
Entry: 4547
Date of Marriage: 29 November 1890
Groom: Angelo M. D'Italia
Age: 27, born in Italy
Occupation: Laborer
Parents: Pasqualie and Costantina
Bride: Carminella Cardillo
Age: 24, born in Italy
Parents: Ciriaco and Maddalena*
*I'm thinking this is Ciriaco born 1817 Torre and Maddalena Lanzillo of Montemiletto.


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