10 November 2010

1898 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index

1898 Boston Birth Index Page: 73

Three for the price of one ... such a deal ;-)

Entry: 3244
Name: Carolino Capone
Sex: Male
Birth: 20 March 1898
Residence: 115 Salem St.
Father: Beniamino Capone, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Emilia Pitgallo, born in Italy

Entry: 3257
Name: Angelo Ardolino
Birth: 20 April 1898
Residence: 228 Hanover St.
Father: Ernesto Ardolino, barber, born in Italy
Mother: Fortunata Denterio, born in Italy

Entry: 3758
Name: Vincenzo Froncillo
Birth: 26 April 1898
Residence: 5 Anthony Place
Father: Giovanni Froncillo, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Letizia Gaggiano (Caggiano), born in Italy


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