27 November 2010

1904 Boston Massachusetts Births - Lombardi and Ardolino

1904 Boston Birth Index Volume: 545 Page: 159

Entry: 7129
Name: Carmela Lombardi
Birth: 19 August 1904
Residence: 11 Noyes Place
Father: Virgilio Lombardi, barber, born in Italy
Mother: Luisa Cefalo, born in Italy
Virgilio Lombardi was born 11 March 1865 in Torre le Nocelle to Carmine Lombardi and Antonia Luongo. Luisa Cefalo was also born in Torre.  I'm not absolutely certain which line she belongs to yet, but I suspect she's one in the same with Maria Luigia Cefalo born 28 April 1864 to Nicolangelo and Maria Emanuela Cirignano.

Entry: 7131
Name: Emilia Ardolino
Birth: 16 August 1904
Residence: 23 Margaret St.
Father: Alfredo Ardolino, barber, born in Italy
Mother: Angiolina di Iorio, born in Italy

Emilia's father was Alfredo Alberto Ardolino born 7 December 1884 in Torre to Achille and Maria Carmina Cassano.  Angiolina di Iorio was born 10 March 1882 to Carmine and Agnella de Minico.


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