24 November 2010

1906 Boston Massachusetts De Cristofaro Births

1906 Boston MA Birth Index Volume: 561 Page: 41
The first two babies are cousins - both grandchildren of Modestino de Cristofaro and Maria Luigia di Iorio.

Entry: 1814
Name: Salvatore de Cristoforo
Birth: 27 February 1906
Residence: 5 Cleveland Place
Father: Vincenzo de Cristoforo, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Teresina Ardolino, born in Italy
Entry: 1819
Name: Antonio Decrestofalo
Birth: 21 February 1906
Residence: 13 Margaret Street
Father: Carmelo, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Carlotta Galante, born in Italy
I'm still working on Emanuele de Cristofaro and Angiolina Todesca, but think father Emanuele might actually be Biagio Giovanni Emanuele de Cristofaro born 1863 in Torre to Carmine and Donata Ardolino.

Entry: 1821
Name: Donata Adelina Cristoforo
Birth: 19 February 1906
Residence: 14 Margaret Street
Father: Emanuele Cristoforo, marble worker, born in Italy
Mother: Angiolina Tedesca, born in Italy

Little Salvatore de Cristofaro was born prematurely and died five days after his birth.
#2192 Filed 13 March 1906 in Boston
Name: Salvatore De Cristoforo
Place of Death: 5 Cleveland Place, Boston MA
Date of Death: 4 March 1906
Age: 5 days
Birthplace: Boston
Father: Vincenzo De Cristoforo, born in Italy
Mother: Teresa Ardolino, born in Italy
Cause of Death: Premature Birth
Burial: Cambridge (Old)
Undertaker: A.A. Badaracco

Death Record of Salvatore de Cristofaro


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