24 November 2010

1907 Boston Massachusetts Birth Index - Giovanna De Cristofaro

1907 Boston MA Birth Index Volume: 569 Page: 121
Yet another grandchild of Modestino de Cristofaro and Maria Luigia di Iorio.  I waded through a soundex search of 1872 names looking for this one particular record ... so call me a happy camper and put some more marshmallows on the fire :-)

Giovanni de Cristofaro's younger brother Vincenzo married Teresa Ardolino, daughter of Emidio and Vittoria "Emanuella" Cardillo.  Giovanni's wife Emilia is the older sister of Teresa Ardolino.  Up until now I'd never been able to find anything with Emilia's surname on it... but just had a gut feeling the two brothers married two sisters.  Today ... life is good.
Entry: 5433
Name: Giovanna Bianchiora "DeCristofari"
Birth: 6 June 1907
Residence: 6 Margaret Street
Father: Giovanni de Cristofaro, grocer, born in Italy
Mother: Emilia Ardolino, born in Italy


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