01 November 2010

1914 Boston Massachusetts Marriage Index

1914 Boston Marriage Index Volume: 1914/MV1 Page: 104,105 Entry: 674
 Pasqualina di Nuzzolo was born 1 September 1892 in Torre le Nocelle to Salvadore and Maria Giovanna Ardolino.

Date of Marriage: 8 February 1914
Priest: Francesco Liberti, 12 North Square

Groom: Angelo Finno
Age: 23, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: Laborer
Residence: 91 Prince Street
Parents: Luigia and Orsola Caruso

Bride: Pasqualina Nuzzolo
Age: 21, born in Italy
Marital: 1st
Occupation: At Home
Residence: 126 Salem Street
Parents: Salvatore and Giovannina Ardolino

Pasqualina's Pedigree Chart

Giuseppe di Nuzzolo Pedigree

This second chart picks up from Giuseppe di Nuzzolo (Pasqualina's great-great grandfather) and follows his line back to about 1625 in Bari. Francesco Antonio di Nuzzolo was born in Giovenazzo, Bari circa 1650 (his parents being married there), but his wife, Laura de Cristofaro was born in Torre le Nocelle.


  1. Where did you get the marriage index? Are you in Boston?

  2. @Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist
    Hi Kathleen,
    The NEHGS website. The only Domenicucci I found there was a marriage record of Gilomena to a Bernardino Pasquale:

    1912 Fitchburg Marriage Index Volume: 612 Page: 335 Entry: 411
    Date: 2 Dec 1912
    Groom: Bernardino Pasquale, son of Antonio and Pasqua Santonata to Gilomena Domenicucci, age 18, daughter of Domenico and Chirrina Di Parla .. both bride and groom born in Italy.


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