15 November 2010

Frongillo Arrested in East Boston - Charged With Murder of Framingham Man

Boston Evening Globe 5 December 1921 p.10

"John Frongillo, aged 33, of Worcester who, it is alleged, shot and killed Rocco DeLucca during a quarrel in Framingham yesterday, was arrested in East Boston shortly before 1 this afternoon.

He was traced to this district and was found hiding in the home of a friend at 172 Gove st, by State Police Officers Fleming and Ferreira and special officers James J. Driscoll and Bart Winn of the East Boston Police station.

The alleged fugitive submitted to arrest without resistance, and was taken to Framingham by the officers.

Following the shooting and alleged killing, Frongillo fled from Framingham in an automobile, reaching East Boston about 7 o'clock last night.

He left the automobile on Chelsea st and went to an aunt's house on Chelsea pl, where the police say he remained until 4 this morning, when he was taken to the house on Gove st.

Special officers Winn and Driscoll were tipped of his presence in East Boston and trailed him to his aunt's home and thence to 174 Gove st, where Frongillo was found.  The fugitive was asleep when the officers rushed into his room and arrested him.

When questioned at the East Boston Police Station he is alleged to have told the police that he got rid of the automatic revolver which, it is said, he used in the shooting.  He said that he threw it into the harbor while crossing on the East Boston ferry.  When pressed for more facts about the killing he is further credited by the police as saying that he was drunk and that he did not remember what happened.

Later Frongillo was taken before Col. Foote, Commissioner of Public Safety, who issued a statement to the effect that Frongillo had at first admitted shooting DeLucca and then denied it.

The State police, however, are working on the theory that Frongillo objected to DeLucca's attentions to his (Frongillo's) 16-year-old niece, who lives on Beaver ct, Framingham, and it was this motive that actuated the shooting.

After his examination at the State House Frongillo was taken to Boston Police Headquarters where he was photographed and his finger prints taken."


Charge Two Aided Frongillo To Escape
Special Dispatch to the Globe

"Framingham, Dec 5 - John Frongillo's brother, Henry Frongillo, and Vincenzo Iandola were arraigned in the District Court here this morning, the former charged with being an accessory before the fact and the latter with being accessory after the fact to the alleged assailant's escape to Boston in an automobile.

The two men pleaded not guilty and each was held in $10,000 for a hearing tomorrow."

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  1. Hmmmm, wonder what the outcome of the trial was or if they were deported....


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