09 November 2010

Massachusetts Death Record: Carmela Ardolino (1906)

Carmela Ardolino was born circa 1904 in Boston to Alfredo Alberto Ardolino and Angelina di Iorio of Torre le Nocelle.

Name: Carmela Ardolino
Date of Death: 20 June 1906
Place of Death: 9 Genoa Ave. Milford, MA
Age: 2 years
Birthplace: Boston
Father: Alfredo Ardolino, born in Italy
Mother: Angelina Deario (di Iorio), born in Italy
Informant: Father
Cause of Death: Pneumonia; ill from 17-20 June 1906
Attending Physician: G.F. Curley, Milford
Burial: 21 June 1906, St. Mary's Cemetery
Undertaker: J.B. Edwards, Milford


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