19 November 2010

Passport Application: Roberto Ciriaco de Minico (1872)

1909 Passport Application

Roberto Ciriaco de Minico was born on 9 March 1872 in Torre le Nocelle to Nicola de Minico and Maria Michele Sullo.  Father Nicola, a shoemaker, died on 16 April 1890 in Maspeth, NY at the Kings County Hospital.

Passport #12843
Issued 17 July 1909 at the American Consulate, Milan, Italy
Name: Robert de Minico
Birth: 10 March 1872 in Torre le Nocelle, Italy
Wife: Aline Barrachin
Emigration: About April 1881 on board the Utopia from Naples to New York
Residence: 1881-1898 uninterrupted in Brooklyn, NY and Lynn and Boston MA
Naturalization: 29 October 1898 at Police Court of Lynn, Lynn MA
Previous Passport: #270 Issued 24 June 1907 at the Embassy at Rome, Italy
Permanent Residence: Lynn MA
Occupation: Technical Mechanic
Applicant left the U.S. on 1 June 1898 on board the Touraine arriving at Harre on 10 June 1898, residing in Milan since 10 February 1906 and still residing temporarily in Milan.  He is traveling for the United Shoe Machinery Company and unsure of when he will be returning to the States.

Physical Description of Applicant:
Age: 37
Stature: 5'6"
Forehead: Low
Eyes: Dark
Nose: Flat, turned up
Mouth: Full, mustache
Chin: Round
Hair: Black
Complexion: Dark
Face: Oval

Witness: Michael (illegible), American Consulate, Milan Italy

Attached Affidavit To Overcome Presumption of Expatriation

No. 317 Filed 22 July 1909 at the American Consulate in Milan Italy

"I, Robert de Minico, a naturalized and loyal citizen of the United States do solemnly swear that I last left my domicile in the United States at Lynn, Massachusetts on or about the 1st day of June 1898; that I have resided temporarily in Paris and Brussels for 8 years; that I arrived in Milan, where I am now temporarily residing, on the 10th day of February 1906, my reasons for such residence being as follows:

I am engaged as the technical mechanic of the United Shoe Machinery Company, an American Corporation, with its chief office at Boston; that I am under contract to go wherever the company sees fit to send me; that said company ordered me to report to Milan at the time aforesaid and that I have been engaged as said technical mechanic for said United States Machinery Company in Italy ever since my arrival in Milan as aforesaid, and that I intend to return to the United States permanently to reside when said company orders me back or as soon as I shall finish working for said company in Italy or elsewhere outside of the United States; that all my relatives reside in the United States."

Subscribed and sworn to before me at Milan, Italy this 17th day of July 1909
- John Wood, American Vice and Deputy Consul


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