18 November 2010

Ship Manifest: Letimbro - Napoli to New York - 29 April 1891

Letimbro - Napoli to New York 
29 April 1891

Ahh ... the good ol' days ... when you could travel without having to submit to full body scans or document what kind of eggs you ate for breakfast twelve years ago on the second Sunday of the month.  

Can you imagine how much easier it will be 100 years from now to trace the family tree?  With almost every breath we take these days being electronically tracked?  Our descendants will have it sooooo easy.

Anyway, I'm seeing a lot of familiar names on this manifest, but all I can tell you is they were from Italy.

List One:
Line 10: Paladino, Vincenzo, age 37, barber
Line 11: Cirillo, Raffaele, age 33
Line 12: Grillo, Domenico, age 24

List Eight:
Line 395: Fiorentino, Pietro, age 45
Line 396: De Cristofaro, Giovanni, age 56
Line 397: Abate, Antonio, age 22
Line 398: Dello Iacono, Vincenzo, age 21
Line 399: Ragno, Pellegrino, age 39
Line 400: Frongillo, Basilio, age 38
Line 401: Ragno, Angelo, age 53
Line 402: Dello Iacono, G. Antonio, age 34
Line 403: Dello Iacono, Gaetano, age 31
Line 404: Abate, Stanislao, age 48
Line 405: Fina, Domenico, age 33
Line 406: Lanzillo, Angelo, age 25
Line 407: Colella, Michelangelo, age 38

List Fifteen:
Line 790: Colella, Vincenza, age 36
Line 791: Vito, age 9, figlio

List 1

List 8

List 15


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