05 December 2010

1902 Boston MA Birth Index - Capone and Bevilacqua

1902 Boston Birth Index Volume: 523 Page: 255
Entry: 11456
Name: Antonio Capone
Birth: 9 November 1902
Residence: 12 Margaret St.
Father: Almerindo Capone*, marble worker, born in Italy
Mother: Michela la Torella**, born in Italy
*Almerindo was born 27 October 1877 in Torre le Nocelle.
**Maria Michela was born in Boston, however her father Giuseppe Angelo was from Torre.

Entry: 11457
Name: Bevilacqua, Fiore
Birth: 10 November 1902
Residence: 36 Prince St.
Father: Grazio Bevilacqua*, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Luisa Fruncillo**, born in Italy
*Orazio Bevilacqua born 21 April 1879 in Torre le Nocelle.
**Luisa Froncillo born 20 March 1874 in Torre le Nocelle.


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