01 December 2010

1905 Boston MA Birth Index - Louise Bevilacqua

 1905 Boston MA Birth Index Volume: 552 Page: 29 Entry: 29

Wow ... this one's a first.   I've never before seen the Bevilacqua and Rotondi surnames screwed up to this extent ... usually it's the dello Iacono's.

Name: Louise Bevilargo (Bevilacqua)
Birth: 10 February 1905
Residence: Dedham
Father: Augustine Bevilargo, laborer, born in Italy
Mother: Ermindo Ratonido (Ermalinda Rotondi), born in Italy

Below is the tombstone of Agostino, Ermalinda and their daughter Elvira.  They rest in the cemetery in Torre le Nocelle.

Pedigree chart of Louise Bevilacqua.


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