31 December 2010

1905 Boston Massachusetts Death Record of Carmela Lombardi

1905 Boston Death Volume: 1905/21 Page: 129 Registered Number: 8947

Name: Carmela Lombardi
Residence: 11 Noyes Place
Death: 21 October 1905
Age: 1 year, 3 months, 2 days, born in Boston
Primary Cause: Pneumonia, 18 days
Contributory Cause: Paralysis of heart
Father: Virgilio Lombardi, born in Italy
Mother: Luisa Cefalo, born in Italy
Burial: Malden Holy Cross
Undertaker: M. Cangiano

Both of Carmela's parents were born in Torre le Nocelle, although I haven't been able to figure out which line Luisa Cefalo belongs to yet.  Virgilio was born 11 March 1865 to Carmine and Antonia Luongo.


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