30 December 2010

Passport Application: Pasqualina Colarusso (1901)

Pasqualina Colarusso 1923

Passport Application #306428
Filed: 5 April 1923 at the U.S. Consulate of Naples
Issued: 11 June 1923
Name: Pasqualina Colarusso
Birth: 23 July 1901 in Boston MA
Father: Antonio Colarusso, born in Pietradefusi, resided in Boston until 1923
Permanent Residence: Boston MA
Tempory Residence: Pietradefusi since 1902 when she returned with her mother.  Wishes to return to the States and resume her residence in Boston.

Identifying Documents:

1: Birth certificate issued Registry Department of City of Boston MA on 27 January 1922.
2: Certified photograph issued Mayor of Pietradefusi, Avellino, Italy on 19 April 1923

Present Address of Father: Pietradefusi
Occupation: Machinist
Family address at time of Pasqualina's birth: 21 Salutation St. Boston MA
U.S. Reference: Sister Adelina Colarusso at 162 Western Ave*, Allston MA
*(Now better known as the home of the U.S. Auto Group ... or so says Google maps.)

 1923 Passport Application


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