12 December 2010

Ship Manifest: Bolivia - Napoli to New York - 28 June 1889

Bolivia - Napoli to New York
28 June 1889

These early manifests can be frustrating.  Very rarely is a comune of last residence shown and often times the first name will only be an initial.  

I've been looking for Maria Grazia d'Ambrosio's manifest for days ... fortunately she was traveling with her three sisters, which makes me fairly confident that this is the correct Maria Grazia.

As for B. Dello Iacono ... your guess is as good as mine.

List: 3
Line 104: D'Ambrosio, Angela, age 22
Line 105: D'Ambrosio, Pasqualina, age 17
Line 106: D'Ambrosio, Grazia, age 14
Line 114: Dello Iacono, B, age 23

You can find Maria Grazia's pedigree chart in this post.


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