19 January 2011

Petition For Naturalization: Carmine de Minico (1892)

 Certificate of Arrival - Carmine de Minico

Carmine de Minico was born 7 January 1892 in Torre le Nocelle to Luigi Maria de Minico and Maria Carmela Ardolino.

Ermalinda Napolitano was born 4 September 1894 in Torre le Nocelle to Raffaele Napolitano and Antonetta Ardolino.  The Ermino Napolitano that witnessed Carmine's petition was the older brother of Ermalinda.

Petition For Naturalization #18798
Filed: 15 August 1927 in Scranton PA
Name: Carmine De Minico
Residence: 322 Battle Ave., Exeter Boro., Pittston, PA
Occupation: Carpenter
Birth: 7 January 1892 in Avellino, Italy
Emigration: "Cretic" - Napoli to Boston - 12 May 1913
Declaration of Intention: #126695 Filed 25 March 1922 in Boston, MA

Wife: Ermalinda, born 4 September 1894 in Avellino, resides in Pittston, PA
Children: (all reside in Pittston, PA)
1. Josephine, born 9 March 1918 in Chelsea, MA
2. Maria, born 17 August 1920 in Chelsea, MA
3. Luigi, born 1 Jan 1922 in Chelsea, MA
4. Mario, born 5 July 1924 in Pittston, PA

Witness: Erminio F. Napoletano, miner, Pittston
Witness: W.C. Carrozza, agent, Pittston
Date of Admission: 16 February 1928
Certificate #: 2709359

Petition for Naturalization
Oath of Allegiance


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